Modyo Version 9.2 Focuses on Accelerating how Digital Factories Deliver Business Value Faster

Santiago, November 24, 2021 – With the launch of Modyo version 9.2, Modyo continues to double down on the needs of large organizations and their digital factories. As we head into 2022 and look back on this past year, we've been able to get key functionality out the door based on feedback from Modyo’s rich ecosystem of clients and partners building products to fundamentally improve the digital experience for millions of customers. Our goal for 2021 was to create the best ecosystem for doing Front End Development to connect to business systems that generate high value self-serve digital channels capable of rapid evolution.

Modyo’s Version 9.2 of the platform is a culmination of collaborative feedback from clients and partners, as well as a vision for what building digital experiences should be for large organizations. Large organizations are looking for greater speed, flexibility and iterative development of their digital products. 

Modyo’s new governance model for digital product development now encompasses virtual staging within an account. Virtual staging allows large organizations to streamline how front end experiences are deployed to digital channels faster, with complete auditability of their development pipelines. Critical development processes and functions remain intact while the platform accelerates how multiple teams build and deploy front end experiences across the business. Next-generation digital solutions require the ability to adapt over time. To this end we’ve made the evolution of large organizations' digital products faster than ever.

A key technology regarding development speed and versatility in version 9.2 is the concept of progressive web applications. The level of innovation that PWAs offer today has pulled in the attention of forward-thinking organizations everywhere.

PWAs allow companies to leverage the convenience and functionality of mobile device-native applications with the broad audience reach, light weight, and low development cost of today's standard web applications. The benefits are immense and are key differentiators when considering the cost, time to market, and deliverable value in modern digital products. Modyo's ability to couple progressive web application technology with both Native Appshell to easily distribute applications on popular marketplaces like Google Play or the Apple App Store, and the platform's micro frontend architecture will continue to provide vital solutions for companies looking to transform and innovate their digital channels.

Additional improvements offered in 9.2 also include the implementation of realms, allowing organizations to build and maintain separate databases of users, or "realms,” of managed users in the front end for distinct sites, applications, and digital channels. We saw how large organizations with millions of users are looking for better ways to personalize their digital channels while integrating with CRM’s and other core business systems. To this end we wanted to help create a user governance model with improved profiling and personalization. User realms were an important feature we were able to launch in 2021.

Other functionality launched in version 9.2 delivers updates that focus on improved efficiency over sites and digital channels. With an emphasis on how clients engage with and use the platform, Modyo has worked directly with client feedback to understand one of the most important aspects of how they manage content day to day: the editor. The new editor includes all of the features and key functions of the previous one, with added benefits that facilitate how content is brought into the platform, whether as text and images, or as HTML.

An additional focus of the update is better flexibility and security regarding how financial institutions and large organizations can manage security headers and content security policies. These new updates improve services integrations and also increase the level of security of applications built in the Modyo platform.

Heading into 2022 we’re proud to have the high trust relationships we’ve been nurturing around the globe. From Asia to Latin America to North America and Europe, we’re building a community of people passionate about building digital experiences that deliver sustained transformational value.  

For a complete list of current and future updates to the platform, please refer to the roadmap.

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