Unify Your Content Management for Any Site or Web Application

Modyo Content lets you create and manage every aspect of your digital content, complete with the tools and processes needed to deliver impactful, engaging content at the scale your organization needs.

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A Composable Frontend Platform for Digital Teams and Customers

Modyo Content Benefits

Manage in one place, use anywhere

The platform's Content module integrates fluidly with Channels, where sites and web apps can retrieve and display content dynamically, all fully managed by non-technical teams at the helm of every content lifecycle.

Manage in one place

Create a system that scales

With so much value depending on how efficiently you can build powerful customer experiences, having a well-designed CMS is key. The Content module offers that value through one-to-many solutions and tools that empower your teams to achieve more at the scale and pace needed for your digital channels to succeed.


Keep content relevant and engaging

Content also integrates with the Customers module, where marketers can define, organize and publish content for relevant customer cohorts to use within sites and web apps designed to update their display based on which customer segment is engaging with your organization.

Modyo Content

Key Features

Scale your content management with a dynamic headless solution

The Content module is the platform's headless content management system. Send content to any internal or external app, and use various methods to retrieve content dynamically through API calls, Liquid markup, or URL parameters.

Govern your content management with Spaces

Content can be partitioned and set up in various spaces within a single Modyo account. Within each Space, define the type of content, its governance rules, and which users can access, so that you can maximize your content management efficiency.

Define and organize entries around Content Types

Editors can structure many different Content Types within a single Space. Each type is populated by a selectable set of fields (text, media, numbers, checkboxes, etc.) and validation rules, including repeatable fields where you can manage micro formats to add and order elements dynamically within a content entry.

Control and preview content lifecycles with Publishing Flows

Modyo enables a variety of flexible, efficient publishing flows for content entries, including immediate or scheduled publishing, version histories, JSON preview, or preview directly in your site or web app.

Support engaging experiences with the Media Library

Each space comes with its own Media Library, where the platform's file management supports multiple media formats, including the ability to crop and resize images. Media is handled and distributed through a CDN to accelerate rapid asset delivery to optimize load times for your customer experiences.

Communicate and translate content with Localization

Set up any space to support multiple language formats, so that each entry has an optional set of language fields complete with its own publishing flows for every activated language.

Customer success stories

Trust happens when you deliver

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How Modyo and BICE Bank created a more intuitive user experience

Banco Bice, in less than 6 months, managed to unify and transform its digital channels to deliver a better user experience. Read here why Bice trusted Modyo for its digital channels.

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Who is Content for?

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Integrating Digital Channels to Core Business Systems is Complex

You're in full control of the content that populates the campaigns and communication of every digital channel, without touching a single line of code.

Custom development is slow and full of risk
Content Editors

Write, edit, schedule, publish and more—between defining content types, team reviewing and workflows, content editors on Modyo always deliver impactful results.

Integrating Digital Channels to Core Business Systems is Complex

Take content field variables and integrate them into web applications to create dynamic views that are easy to manage in any project.


Other Modyo Modules

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