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People-focused, mastery driven

Discover more about our people-focused culture and our passion for continuous learning and development.

Modyo is the result of a world-class team of people learning together to build incredible digital products.

Join the challenge and help us show the world that with continuous learning and collaboration, we can achieve just about anything.

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We have 3 pillars that move us to do incredible things every day


Our passion and commitment at Modyo is to become a world class software company with the help of the most amazing people.


We trust our teams, so we expect people to take ownership of their work. Trust is a big deal here :)


We seek to achieve expertise in everything we do: 
This is our secret sauce!

Our Values


We believe that actions speak louder than words. Experienced and results-oriented actions are always more relevant than academic degrees.


We love to learn, and better yet is when we learn from ourselves, with motivation to improve something we are passionate about. We do not wait to be taught, and we are always in search of knowledge.

Detail Oriented

The devil is always in the details. We focus on making the difference in going a step further in the details.


We share a commitment to building a world class software company. We hire people thinking they will be with us forever and as a result we do our best to make sure there is a commitment to each other.


We do what we like and it shows. We have been told many times that people here at Modyo look happy, and we believe it's true. We make our day-to-day challenging and interesting, and our customers appreciate it.


We look people in the eye and tell it like we see it. We really value people's time and we don't let them waste it. We strive for honest, transparent analysis of the facts.

Our recognized Modyano's

Our Benefits

Distributed team

Work from wherever you want! We love seeing people working from different places throughout the world.


We believe having a multicultural and diverse team of talented people is our secret sauce. Currently we have people from 11 different nationalities working from 9 different countries.

Mastery driven

Every person in Modyo is in control of their career development. We have a learning stipend per person per year in addition to internal activities so we can learn from each other as well.


Everything we do within Modyo is trust-based. This means you'll be the owner of your own time.

Our Recruitment Process

1. Submit your application

We always upload our open vacancies here, on our Career Page.

Recommendation: update your LinkedIn profile! This will be the first place we'll go to get to know you a bit better.

2. Screening

This is where we'll officially meet for the first time. It'll be a 10-15 minute call so we can get to know each other a little better. Yes, both of us!

3. Challenge

As we told you before, at Modyo we rely heavily on meritocracy. We believe that our actions and knowledge speak louder than any titles.

That's why, in this step, we're interested in seeing what you're really capable of.

4. Interviews

This is where we will both - you and us - get to know each other better. Depending on the role, we can have between 2-4 interviews.

Be yourself, ask as many questions as you want and have fun! We really want to get to know you and answer any doubts you may have.

5. Decision

You'll always hear back from us; really, always. If for some reason we take more than normal, don't be afraid to reach out to the recruiter that you've been speaking to throughout the process.