Unify for Web & Mobile in One Platform

Build & Deploy Apps for both Web and Mobile Channels.

Unify for Web & Mobile in One Platform

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Core Capabilities

For Digital Managers

Key Capabilities for Driving Business Value in Digital Channels.

Create and Manage Templates for Sites and Apps

Build Reusable Widgets and Micro Frontends

Easily Manage Content and Digital Assets & SEO

Establish Agile Workflows in Minutes for Governance

Create and Manage Campaigns Across Digital Channels

Integrate & Measure with the Google Marketing Platform

Core Capabilities

For Developers

Key Capabilities for Creating and Deploying Composable Web Applications.

Modyo CLI to build locally and push to any Modyo Channel

Open Technology and Frameworks Easy to Leverage

Virtual Staging for Development and Live Apps

PWA Service Workers & Manifest Directly in Platform

Dynamic Framework with Code Examples and Tutorials

Modyo Connect for Fast Track Integrations


A Platform for Web & Mobile Best Practices

Micro Frontends built for web and mobile from day one.

Develop and maintain complex applications efficiently by breaking them down into smaller, independent, and reusable components that can be easily updated and deployed for both web and mobile in one place.

Learn about Micro Frontends
Micro Frontends

Modyo Connect to integrate to business systems and develop faster.

Simplify and accelerate integrations with secure connections, pre-built infrastructure, and managed services, freeing developers to focus on core functionality.

Learn about Modyo Connect

Manage content across all your digital channels.

Maintain consistent branding and messaging across all touchpoints (sites, mobile web apps, etc.) by managing content from a centralized location, eliminating the need to update content in multiple places.

Learn about Modyo Content

Empower marketing and product managers to convert more customers.

Enable non-technical users like marketing and product managers to create and manage targeted campaigns and content without relying on developers, giving them greater control and agility in driving conversions.

Learn about Modyo Customers

Create web apps using Modyo’s Dynamic Framework for Mobile.

Reach a wider audience by building progressive web apps (PWAs) that offer app-like functionality without requiring app store downloads, alongside native mobile apps using Modyo's mobile development framework.

Learn about the Dynamic Framework
Dynamic Framework

Governance and Security across every digital channel.

The Modyo platform is ISO27001 certified to ensure high levels of availability and confidentiality, allowing you to deliver amazing customer experiences with confidence.

Learn about our Security Practices
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Micro Frontends with Modyo

We’ve been pioneers in building and deploying Micro Frontends for +10 years across web and mobile.