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Modyo's Composable Platform Fuels Growth in Mexico's Financial Services Sector

SANTIAGO, Chile – March 25, 2024 – Modyo, a leader in composable frontend platforms, is experiencing significant growth within Mexico's financial services sector. This growth is a testament to Modyo's commitment to empowering Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) with the tools and systems they need to accelerate and evolve their digital experiences.

A Platform Built for Speed and Agility

Modyo's composable frontend platform provides the foundation for FSIs in Mexico to streamline the development of web and mobile customer journeys. This translates to faster time-to-market for new features and products, along with the agility to adapt applications seamlessly to evolving business needs and customer demands. Modyo's comprehensive suite of tools and systems empowers FSIs to build, scale, and manage their frontend ecosystems with greater efficiency. The Dynamic Framework exemplifies this commitment, offering a specialized development framework tailored to the specific needs of the financial services industry.

A Deep Understanding of Financial Services

Modyo's success in Mexico stems not just from technology, but also from a deep understanding of the needs of critical digital channels for financial services. This expertise positions the company to deliver solutions that address the unique challenges faced by FSIs. By partnering with Modyo, leading Mexican financial institutions like Invex, Mifel, and Bancoppel are leveraging frontend platform technology designed to streamline development, enhance security, and future-proof their digital experiences.

Investing in a Strong Mexican Presence

Modyo's commitment to Mexico's financial sector is evident in its strategic focus on the region. This dedication is reflected in the company's growing presence in Mexico, with a focus on understanding and addressing the evolving needs of Mexican FSIs. By establishing a growing set of resources and teams with local knowledge and expertise, Modyo is ensuring it can deliver best-in-class solutions and exceptional support to its Mexican clients.

Security at the Core

Financial institutions prioritize security, and Modyo takes this responsibility seriously. Underpinning this commitment, Modyo is both ISO27001 and SOC 2 certified, demonstrating its unwavering adherence to rigorous information security standards. Modyo's emphasis on composability, security, and governance within the frontend development process makes it the ideal partner for FSIs seeking to optimize their digital experiences with complete confidence in data protection.

Building the Future of Financial Experiences

Modyo's composable frontend platform empowers Mexican FSIs to establish digital factories that accelerate development and deployment of innovative financial products. This agility is proving to be a significant competitive advantage for Modyo's clients throughout the region.

"We are thrilled to see the positive impact of our composable frontend platform on the financial services sector in Mexico,” says Mark Bonnell, Modyo’s EVP. “Our commitment to understanding the industry's specific needs has enabled us to deliver solutions that enable FSIs to accelerate innovation, enhance security, and future-proof their digital experiences. We are proud to partner with leading Mexican financial institutions and look forward to continuing to support their growth and success."

Looking ahead, Modyo is poised for continued growth in Mexico's financial services sector. The company's focus on key financial use cases leveraging the Modyo platform and Modyo’s Dynamic Framework position clients to accelerate value to their clients in Mexico.

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