A Next-Gen
Composable Frontend Platform

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A Platform for Better Digital Products

Simpler, better digital customer experiences unified and connected to your business systems with Modyo's micro frontend development platform in the cloud. Create highly intelligent omnichannel websites, customer portals and progressive web applications.

Unified digital experiences.

Build, manage, and connect the entire Frontend Digital Experience across all your content, websites, and applications by integrating your business systems and digital products.

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Empower your digital teams to build your websites and apps faster. Create and reuse digital experiences across your organization.

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Manage digital content everywhere with governance and security using our headless and hybrid content management system.

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A customer engagement platform.

When your customers log in and interact, Modyo’s detailed profiling system converts data into insights, allowing you to build customer segments dynamically and make better decisions.

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Put your customers front and center in your digital channels, triggering content and experiences that help increase your conversions.

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Understand how to resonate with your customers by letting profiling and interaction data guide your actions.

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Make buying easier.

Reduce friction with flexible payment options through integrated payment gateways and headless commerce solutions that scale with your products and services.

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We integrate to leading payment gateways making it easy to buy or activate products and services, making it easy for your customers to complete purchases.

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For highly scalable commerce solutions and non-traditional e-commerce. From ticket sales to student payments, we make it easy for millions of transactions to happen.

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Onboarding made faster.

Build digital onboarding solutions with pre-built digital experiences and integrations that will help you win and manage customers faster.

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Ready to Go Experiences

Modyo's customer experience platform with pre-built Micro Frontends for digital onboarding will get you up and running quickly.

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CRM & Digital Signature

Our fintech platform integrates with KYC, CRM and other digital signature vendors to help you orchestrate important steps and simplify complexity.

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Scale your microservices.

Take advantage of an architecture of reference that scales in the cloud. Our Managed DevOps service helps you create and manage microservices connected to Modyo’s next-gen DXP.

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Micro frontends securely connect and scale with your microservices, managing them from the cloud.

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Decoupled Ecosystem

Our decoupled ecoystem powers teams working on both micro frontends, and backend microservices.

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Select the Cloud that's right for you.


SaaS Cloud

Start building solutions immediately in the Modyo Cloud.

Enterprise Cloud

We’ll set up and manage a single tenant cloud for you in AWS.

On Premise Cloud

We’ll help you set up your cloud.

Advantages of our Next-Gen Frontend Platform

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A Cloud Native Platform

Modyo runs in our AWS cloud or in yours (Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure) with three different deployment models: SaaS, Single Tenant, and On Premise.

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APIs and Plug-ins

Manage your API ecosystem using Modyo Connect services. Accelerate your microservices integration and management by using Modyo’s plugins and API’s to connect to different business systems.

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Micro Frontends

Build and scale your portfolio of experiences with micro frontends that you can adapt and reuse across your digital channels. Start with Modyo’s library of experiences to accelerate your digital product development.

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Content Infrastructure

Create and manage all your digital content from one place. Use Modyo’s fully headless and hybrid content management system to feed all your sites and apps both within or outside the platform.

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Unified Experiences

Build public and transactional websites, apps, and progressive web applications from a cx platform that lets you standardize and unify the way you build and manage digital experiences.

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Governance & Security

Power large digital teams tasked with building and managing critical websites and apps. Establish the right architecture of reference through authentication and permissions to increase your security and governance.

A better development platform

Building with Modyo leads to a company-wide acceleration of how scalable digital products get built, launched and improved over time.
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Micro Frontends

Start with our micro frontends with sample code and digital experiences, then customize and build your own.

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Digital Ecosystem

Give your UX, frontend and backend teams an accelerated ecosystem to build and maintain any digital product, from websites to apps.

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Actionable Insight

Harness the data from your digital channels and define your metrics to take the next best actions for your customers.

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