The Digital Experience Platform to Accelerate Growth

Modyo gives teams agility and governance to build modern, self-serve digital experiences to transform your business, bank or university.

Change to a fast, lightweight platform that integrates with your APIs to deliver value faster to your customers.

Digital Transformation Accelerator

We created world class front end widget development leveraging modern javascript frameworks with powerful code workflows and versioning.

Amazing Front End Experience Builder

We accelerate your capacity to surpass customer expectations in web and mobile channels to do business digitally.

Secure digital factories to scale experiences

We built Modyo listening to our financial services and enterprise clients ask for the right amount of smart "checks & balances" to power their digital teams.

Integration with Microservices

We focused on creating the architecture to integrate with backend, core enterprise Microservices and web services to unlock business value faster.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation

Modern web and mobile development requires embracing frameworks that make it easy to integrate to core business systems.

Modyo Channels leverages widgets to accelerate the way you build the best front end digital experiences. Our widget builder connects to APIs and helps you securely create, review, approve and publish customer experiences across web and mobile channels.

Manage all your Content in One Place

The Modyo content application enables financial institutions and large enterprises to create and publish any type of content using smart workflows, taxonomies and an API to place any content in any site or mobile app.

Customers that use Modyo authentication mechanisms can target the right content to the right audience at the right time.

Put your Customers Front and Center

Put your customers at the center of the digital experience. Create customer profiles with your data and ours to target digital experiences that enable customers to feel special with their interactions.

Target anything to any customer in their own personal web and mobile experience. Offer the right products and services to your customer segments.

Connect to your Core

We built Modyo to connect to your core business systems and to act as an intelligent data machine. Use Modyo as a lightweight, highly scalable digital channel solution that takes channel data and core business data to personalize customer experiences.

Profiling data is combined with application business data that is processed in real time in targets and direct content, layouts and widgets.

We Understand Governance

Years of working with large enterprise customers & banks has enabled us to build a product to protect brand equity and streamline digital processes.

Modyo versioning, code review and intelligent workflows give our clients the confidence to accelerate their digital initiatives without compromising security required to manage and scale digital teams responsible for millions of customer experiences.