Empower High-Performance Digital Teams

Accelerate how you build web applications that integrate with your business systems, create faster time to value, and scale with your organization.

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A Composable Frontend Platform for Digital Teams and Customers

Modyo Channels Benefits

Avoid risky custom development with a proven, secure platform

Solve your acceleration problem with systems and tools that empower teams to work within frontend environments set up with the security and governance you need when building mission-critical digital channels.


Flexibility and Reusability of critical digital assets

Modyo Channels maximizes the use of standard web technologies and is agnostic to implementing any framework of your choice. Once built, you can easily reuse your solutions across any web application and scale the power of your code.


Faster time to value

The Channels module helps high-performance development teams deliver faster time to value across many use cases, from simple web applications to detailed digital onboarding.

Modyo Channels

Key Features

Control multiple environments with Stages

Use virtualized development environments within web applications and work with your digital products and customer experiences isolated from your main production. Then you can synchronize changes between different environments when ready.

Enable feature-rich experiences with Progressive Web Applications

Publish web applications using PWA techniques, by editing manifest.json files and versioning service workers for any web application so that you can enable native-app like behavior with much lower development overhead costs.

Deliver dynamic elements with Templates & Liquid Markup

Modyo allows the use of Liquid Markup within all web application templates. Liquid allows you to deliver dynamic aspects to traditionally static elements, allowing them to adapt to many different contexts.

Develop within the platform or on your local system

The Modyo Command Line Interface provides the tools needed to create micro frontends in the platform, but work locally. The CLI keeps code synchronized with the platform, and allows you to access the different experience templates available in the Dynamic Framework.

Manage Global Snippets & Variables across multiple web apps

Code snippets are chunks of code that can be shared between different web applications. They allow complex code elements to be reused within different contexts, all while maintaining their centralized management.

Create optimized experiences with Synchronous or Asynchronous Micro Frontends

Each micro frontend deployed in Modyo can be loaded within a web app to optimize the customer experience. Synchronous widgets work in simple scenarios with fast load times, while asynchronous widgets are designed to not block initial loading while they resolve their dependencies, keeping customers engaged as quickly as possible.

Micro frontends

Micro frontends: The secret sauce of our composable frontend platform

Modyo's micro frontend architecture has powerful benefits

You can build Micro Frontends directly in the platform from your browser, or locally with the CLI.

We’ve created The Dynamic Framework with a set of pre-built micro frontend experiences designed for the financial services industry.

You can re-use, copy & deploy micro frontends across any digital channel to quickly develop landing pages or full web applications.

Who is Channels for?

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Integrating Digital Channels to Core Business Systems is Complex

Build feature-rich web applications with a suite of tools that let you scale the work of your code with minimal dependencies and maximize your efforts.

Custom development is slow and full of risk
Product Owners

With a micro frontend architecture and a framework-agnostic approach, you can create digital products using the technology of your choice that gives the best results.

Integrating Digital Channels to Core Business Systems is Complex

Take into account every step of delivering exceptional digital channels with tools for everything from virtual staging to team review to channel security and more.

Other Modyo Modules

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Create and manage every aspect of your digital content lifecycle with our built-in headless CMS.

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Get oversight and understanding of important platform activity, analytics and work across your digital channels.

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Create and manage every aspect of your digital content lifecycle with our built-in headless CMS.

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