We build software to fundamentally improve the digital experience.

For more than 9 years we've been working with the largest organizations in Latin America and select clients in Europe, the United States and Canada.

Clients in North America:1-305-517-1580  Clients in Latin America:+562-2-587-1810

Latin America: Av. Bicentenario 3883 Piso 3, Vitacura, Santiago, Chile

North America: 9926 South 3100 East, Suite 100 Sandy, UT 84092

Our Story

In 2007 Modyo was founded in Santiago, Chile by a group of entrepreneurs with a passion for technology and a highly curious mindset. This International group included Canadians, Americans, and Chileans with a desire to build great software.

The raw potential of Chile and the high caliber of engineering talent combined with todays globally connected software companies drove us to think big.

Modyo continues to attract key talent that believe in building a world class software company with steady growth enabling digital transformation for the largest companies.


An international group comes together in Chile to build marketing software. July 24, 2008 Modyo is officially incorporated. Modyo begins working with Amazon Web Services.


Modyo starts pitching the idea of a more intelligent Content Management System (CMS) to large clients.


Modyo wins the Avonni Innovation Award. One of the most prestigious innovation awards in Chile.


Modyo receives investment to continue to expand the company. Great people and clients continue to back the Modyo team.


Modyo adds some of the largest clients in Chile helping them solve architectural issues with web and mobile digital channels. Banking clients begin to show an intense interest. Large banks begin due diligence on the software. Modyo finishes the year profitable and grows organically from operations.


Modyo formally launches the brand ModyoDX™ and adds 20 people to finish the year with more than 60 people. Modyo continues to add financial services clients and to look outside of Latin America.


Modyo continues to add great people and clients committed to becoming a leading developer of software that speeds digital transformation and fundamentally improves the digital experience across web and mobile.

Our Values

  • 1


    We believe that actions speak louder than words. Experienced and results-oriented actions are always more relevant than academic degrees.

  • 2


    We love to learn, and better yet is when we learn from ourselves, with motivation to improve something we are passionate about. We do not wait to be taught, and we are always in search of knowledge.

  • 3

    Detail Oriented

    The devil is always in the details. We focus on making the difference in going a step further in the details.

  • 4


    We share a commitment to building a world class software company. We hire people thinking they will be with us forever and as a result we do our best to make sure there is a commitment to each other.

  • 5


    We do what we like and it shows. We have been told many times that people here at Modyo look happy, and we believe it's true. We make our day-to-day challenging and interesting, and our customers appreciate it.

  • 6


    We look people in the eye and speak the truth. We really value people's time and we don't let them waste it. We look for honest, transparent analysis of the facts.

Why Work at Modyo?

A company that values diversity and meritocracy. A company where you can grow quickly and project yourself. Lots of fun ;)
conquering the world from Chile.

Investors, Directors and
Strategic Advisors

Joel Peterson

José Miguel Musalem

Raimundo Cerda Lecaros

Carlos Hurtado Ruiz-Tagle

Naoshi Matsumoto

Larry Cook

Rodrigo Menchaca

Johnny Kwon

Mark Bonnell


Since December 2007, Mark has been leading Modyo. Beginning in 1996, Mark has been involved with software companies in different capacities as a product manager, in marketing, sales and leadership roles. Over the past 14 years, he's been an entrepreneur working with great people and organizations, and today he leads a team of very talented individuals. Previously, Mark was Managing Director of the Internet division for Microforum, a Canadian Public Company that provided internet technology and marketing services to companies in North America.


Pablo Córdova


Since December 2007, Pablo has been leading Modyo together with Mark Bonnell. Both partners have worked together for the past 10 years, founding two successful media companies. In 2003, Pablo invested in Impirica, and together with Mark, guided Impirica to a leadership position in Targeted Out-Of-Home Media in Chile. In 2004, with another partner, Pablo and Mark founded Rollermedia, a company that continues to grow and now has operations in both Chile and Peru.


José Antonio Silva


José Antonio leads the Modyo technology team where he has worked since the founding of the company. He leads a great team of engineers and oversees all R&D at Modyo. During this period he has worked with leading companies that span countries and languages such as Puma, Virgin Mobile, Entel and other leading companies in their respective industries. His 10 years of development experience encompasses a variety of technologies and frameworks. He has spoken at events for Microsoft and is an expert in both infrastructure and software.


Why Work at Modyo?

A company that values diversity and meritocracy. A company where you can grow quickly and project yourself. Lots of fun ;)
conquering the world from Chile.

Why work at Modyo?

A company that values diversity and meritocracy. A company where you can grow quickly and project yourself. Lots of fun ;) conquering the world from Chile.