Modyo people power your digital channels.

Modyo accelerates solutions for critical digital channels that financial institutions and large enterprises count on to grow their business with happy customers.


Modyo is a Harris Company and part of Constellation Software Inc., one of the largest enterprise software companies in Canada.

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15+ years
15+ years

At Modyo we bring more than 15 years of deep knowledge and experience to mission critical digital channels. Our Frontend Platform is used by leading Financial Institutions and large enterprises to orchestrate customer experiences integrated to core business systems.

Faster Value
Faster Value

Our global clients and partners use Modyo technology and services to fundamentally accelerate time to value for customers across web and mobile experiences. Our clients value Modyo for the control we provide over code built leveraging open technologies combined with Modyo’s platform features.

Constant Growth
Constant Growth

Everyone at Modyo believes in growth and the ability to make things happen with focus and discipline. Trust is at the core of what we do as teams to add value to deep client relationships.

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Our Leaders

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Mark Bonnell


Pablo Córdova


José Antonio Silva


Alexander Rodriguez


Luis Díaz

Head of Services

Paulina Saavedra

Head of People Operations

Joaquin Marquez

Head of Sales

Wesley Campbell

Head of Marketing

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“Modyo's extensive experience in the financial services sector helped accelerate execution and we are excited to deliver a better user experience for our customers.”

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Remotely or face-to-face, we strive to make Modyo a fun place to work.

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