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Scale Wealth Management web app solutions & attract new clients

Challenges we solve for Wealth Management Digital Channels:

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Onboarding clients successfully
Onboarding New Clients is Complex.

Convert prospects faster with intuitive, self-serve digital onboarding. Eliminate cumbersome paperwork and accelerate time to investment.

Custom development is slow and full of risk
Custom development is slow and full of risk.

Custom development and maintenance of customer-facing digital channels is time-consuming and difficult to scale. Modyo helps you develop and manage frontend experiences faster and easier.

Secure customer data
Security and governance is critical due to so many global malicious Actors.

Modyo provides a platform, framework and methodology that prioritizes Governance and Security with Agility, and operates with the ISO27001 standard information security management system.

Wealth Management Solutions

with Modyo

Out of the Box Digital Experiences
Digital Onboarding for Wealth Management

Connect your Business systems to Modyo
Pre-built Wealth Management Experiences
Build once and reuse across web & mobile
Easily publish reports, research, and insights to target customers
Personalized campaigns and targeting
Connect Modyo with existing business systems
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for Wealth Management Solutions

Remotely Onboarding Customers

Wealth Managers are being driven to make it easier for people to invest or risk losing customers. At present a prospective client is typically required to complete a lengthy onboarding process with different documentation, compliance and contracts in order to open an investment account. Making it simple to capture data, documentation, signatures and fund the account is a must for modern wealth managers.

Onboarding customers

Wealth Management Disruption

New Fintech disruptors are changing the way people invest. Immediate onboarding solutions and transfers of funds combined with easy to understand investment processes and products are transforming the way customers think about their investments. Modern customers are becoming more self-serve and self-interested in how their money is managed.

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Easier Investment Experiences

Easier investment experiences means more clarity in how information is presented, understood and acted upon by customers of different ages and profiles. Wealth Managers are being challenged to fundamentally improve how different customers can easily invest with greater efficiency and transparency.

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Why Modyo for Wealth Management?

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Supercharge the Digital Factory

Focus on execution and innovation through a platform that not only provides the tools and processes necessary to build digital channels, but also unifies teams and systems to help you impact meaningful positive changes to how you deliver and maintain sites and applications

Frontend Data Security

Modyo has world-class security management procedures aligned with ISO 27001 standard practices and SOC2 controls, and our AWS cloud deployments have security controls in place, including AWS CloudTrail, FlowLogs, Cloudwatch and GuardDuty

Multi-Org & Channel within a Single Account

The Modyo platform logically separates the activity of different organizations, between which no type of information is shared. This is ideal for subsidiaries or totally independent initiatives within the same client. It manages differentiated access and permissions for users from different organizations, providing independence within a single Modyo account

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Financial Solutions
Dynamic Framework

Quickly create feature-rich applications through a robust set of components with customizable templates built for integration.

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Custom development is slow and full of risk
Onboarding Solutions

Learn how we're helping large organizations with frictionless digital onboarding solutions.

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Seamless customer experiences across digital channels is difficult to execute
Building Micro Frontends

Learn more about micro frontends and how they're helping solve big challenges for large organizations.

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