Modyo’s Dynamic Framework.
Build your Digital Bank.

The fast track to building financial solutions that differentiate you from the rest.

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Modyo’s Dynamic Framework Build your Digital Bank
Modyo’s Dynamic Framework Build your Digital Bank

A financial experience framework designed specifically for you

Modyo created the Dynamic Framework, a set of production-ready financial experiences, a robust design system, and an active community of financial experience experts.

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Dynamic Framework

Key Benefits

Build & launch financial applications with a faster, simpler web app development framework designed for FSIs.

Proven Financial Experiences for your Ecosystem

The Dynamic Framework is being used today by financial services institutions to accelerate how they build web apps and deliver value to customer experiences.

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Personalize with your Digital Factory

Financial organizations can easily adapt and tailor pre-built components to their specific needs with a framework built from the ground up for the financial service industry.

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A Ready-to-Go Development Environment

Simplify the development process of your web applications with the Dynamic Framework’s pre-built components and tools for better developer productivity and faster turnaround times.

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Build on Dynamic & Create your own Financial Framework

The framework is built for flexibility and scalability. Build on the core components and create unique financial solutions that differentiate your organization from competitors.

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Web & Mobile Financial Experiences

Empower your customers with modern, personalized financial experiences on web and mobile alongside an active community of financial experience experts for continuous support and the latest solutions.

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Modyo Connect for Fast Track Integration

Focus on your business, not your infrastructure. Modyo Connect empowers you to seamlessly integrate your framework web applications and services within the Modyo ecosystem.

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Dynamic Webinar

Learn how easy it is to build feature-rich financial applications on the Modyo platform with the Dynamic Framework.

Serious Frontend Security

Modyo is committed to security prioritization and protection of valuable client data. We’re certified to ensure high levels of availability and confidentiality, allowing you to deliver amazing financial experiences with confidence.

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