Unify your Banking solutions, from onboarding to transactional web apps.

Create secure, scalable customer banking experiences integrated with your business systems.

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Modyo’s Dynamic Framework Build your Digital Bank

Challenges we solve for Banking Digital Channels:

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Scaling digital channel integrations is complex
Integrating digital channels to core business systems is complex.

Modyo makes it faster and easier with a proven cloud platform & architecture to integrate with core business systems.

Custom development is slow and full of risk
Custom development is slow and full of risk.

Custom development and maintenance of customer-facing digital channels is time-consuming and difficult to scale. Modyo helps you develop and manage frontend experiences faster and easier.

Security is critical
Security and governance is critical due to so many global malicious Actors.

Modyo provides a platform, framework and methodology that prioritizes Governance and Security with Agility, and operates with the ISO27001 standard information security management system.

Multi-channel Banking Solutions

with Modyo

Out of the Box Digital Experiences
Scalable, secure sites and web applications
Connect your Business systems to Modyo
Pre-built Banking experiences with Modyo Dynamic
Build once and reuse across web & mobile
Financial digital onboarding solutions
Personalized campaigns and targeting
Digital content and campaign management
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“Modyo's extensive experience in the financial services sector helped accelerate execution and we are excited to deliver a better user experience for our customers.”

Alice Martins


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Why Modyo for Banks?

Ready-to-go digital experiences for banking

Develop engaging sites and applications with a faster, simpler web app development framework designed for financial service institutions.

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Ready-to-go digital experiences for banking

A frontend banking platform unlike any other

Both business and technical teams collaborate to get things done faster than ever. Power your sites and web apps with a secure, scalable, composable platform that accelerates digital transformation in banking.

A frontend banking platform unlike any other

Compliance and governance requirements

Meet all your compliance and governance requirements with Modyo’s highly auditable platform that runs in your own single tenant cloud. Get amazing support and training to keep your innovation machine humming.

Governance and security

Modyo Banking Key Features

Manage your financial digital channels with a faster, simpler platform designed for the financial services industry.

A multi-site architecture for managing all your different sites across business units.

A portfolio of digital financial experiences ready to connect to your APIs and Microservices.

Customer onboarding and segmentation to target content, experiences and campaigns.

Both cloud and on premise deployments. Use our cloud or yours to deploy Modyo.

A central platform for all digital content management across all devices by non-technical people.

A platform with global security standards such as ISO27001 to ensure best practices in every aspect of your front end.

Customer success stories

Trust happens when you deliver

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How Modyo and BICE Bank created a more intuitive user experience

Banco Bice, in less than 6 months, managed to unify and transform its digital channels to deliver a better user experience. Read here why Bice trusted Modyo for its digital channels.

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Learn more about Digital Banking with Modyo

Financial Solutions
Dynamic Framework

Quickly create feature-rich applications through a robust set of components with customizable templates built for integration.

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Custom development is slow and full of risk
Onboarding Solutions

Learn how we're helping large organizations with frictionless digital onboarding solutions.

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Seamless customer experiences across digital channels is difficult to execute
Building Micro Frontends

Learn more about micro frontends and how they're helping solve big challenges for large organizations.

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