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Digital Client Onboarding Solutions for Web & Mobile

Improve the first minutes of your customer's experience with self-serve, frictionless digital onboarding solutions integrated with your preferred vendors, CRM, and document management.

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Use our pre-built digital onboarding experiences

Capture data quickly and easily, giving your customers an account and never lose the data they provide. Make it easy for customers to leave and return to your onboarding process.

Be there for your customers

Start the clock the minute your customers respond. Help them understand where they are in an easy to use step-by-step process, and who's taking care of them.

Define steps with ease

The client onboarding processes in financial services are about reducing friction. Make it simple for customers to quickly provide relevant information when opening an online account.

Centralize everything in a self-serve account

Put your customers' data front and center in their own account where you can keep information up to date. Activate more processes and offer more tailored products and services from the initial customer account.

Process incoming data quickly

Speed differentiates you in the eyes of your customers. Make everything 10 times faster with the right digital actions. Create an interim customer account to activate different benefits and services.

Measure your digital onboarding

Measure from beginning to end. Watch data forms capture and feed data into better digital funnels to help you assign the right actions at the right time.

Build the Best Digital Onboarding Process

Create simple steps

Make capturing data from your customers simple. Define steps and have the right amount of data shown to your customers. Let them know where they are in the process.

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Web and Mobile Ready

Regardless of the device, let your customers provide the information across different screen sizes. Make the onboarding process easy and clear.

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CRM Ready

Modyo captures data that is then synchronized to your preferred CRM. Whether Salesforce or another CRM, we make it easy to integrate.

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Document Management

Capture documents and digital signatures with our integration to Docusign and other systems for ID verification. Whether on a mobile device or computer, your customers can provide the documents you require with ease.

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What does Modyo provide out of the box?

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The best digital onboarding platform that scales in the most flexible way to deploy highly customizable digital onboarding.

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Multichannel digital onboarding empowers your customers and relationship managers to retain interest and build connections.

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The ability for customers to come and go without losing their data, providing them with a better overall experience with your brand.

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CRM Integration to Salesforce or other CRM's with our unique digital onboarding data capture flows.

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A data-rich customer account where Modyo provides insights to your relationship managers in real time, helping them convert prospects to customers.

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Dashboards and metrics that shows customer lifecycles from initial digital interactions to more mature customer experiences.

Experience with Digital Customer Onboarding Solutions