Streamline Integration & Accelerate Development

Focus on your business, not your infrastructure. Modyo Connect, a fully managed infrastructure and DevOps service, empowers you to seamlessly integrate applications and services within the Modyo ecosystem.

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Streamline Integration & Accelerate Development

Modyo Connect Services & Components

Modyo Connect offers a variety of services and components categorized into three groups.


With features like developer access, code repository management, continuous integration and artifact repositories for secure storage and management of software, your developers are in great hands.



Built for speed and security, our infrastructure scales with your application. Modyo handles traffic efficiently, manage requests securely, and stores data with encryption. Plus, global content delivery keeps your teams happy in every digital channel.

A Composable Frontend Platform for Digital Teams and Customers


Modyo Connect keeps a watchful eye on your infrastructure and applications. With application metrics, infrastructure details, and centralized logging, you gain real-time insights to proactively address issues and optimize performance.

A Composable Frontend Platform for Digital Teams and Customers
Modyo Connect

Key Features

Modyo Connect offers a comprehensive suite of managed services to meet your integration needs in multiple scenarios.

Pre-production and production environments

Test and refine your integrations before deploying to production.

Secure source code repository management

Manage your code and collaborate with your team effectively.

Automated pipelines

Automate development and deployment processes for faster turnaround times.

Container platform

Deploy and manage your microservices in a scalable and efficient manner.

Centralized log management

Gain valuable insights into system performance and troubleshoot issues easily.

API Gateway management

Manage and secure incoming API requests for a seamless user experience.

Application Firewall (WAF)

Protect your applications from common web attacks.

TLS certificates

Ensure secure communication between your applications and users.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Simplify user authentication and access control across your integrations.

"Blue green" deployments

Minimize downtime during deployments with seamless rollbacks.

Continuous monitoring and infrastructure support

Our team proactively monitors your infrastructure and provides expert support.

Real-time alerts

Stay informed about potential issues with your infrastructure and applications.


Modyo Connect Advantages

Modyo Connect is implemented in a highly available mode and operated by a team of Modyo Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) on the Amazon AWS cloud. It adheres to the same quality, security, and operational standards offered in Modyo Enterprise Cloud

Effortless Integration

Simplify data exchange between Modyo and external systems through secure APIs.

Enhanced Security

Leverage robust security measures like SSO and WAF to protect your data and applications.

Agile Development

Streamline development workflows with automated pipelines and containerized microservices.

Reduced Operational Overhead

Eliminate infrastructure management complexities with a fully managed service.

Have confidence in the AWS Cloud

Modyo Connect is built on the secure and reliable foundation of Amazon AWS, ensuring the highest levels of performance and scalability. Additionally, our service adheres to the same rigorous security and operational standards in all our cloud deployment models, guaranteeing the safety and integrity of your data.

Modyo & AWS

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