Modyo Platform + Modyo Connect + Dynamic Framework = Acceleration

Accelerate the delivery of digital products to wow customers with 3 key pillars.

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Modyo’s Dynamic Framework Build your Digital Bank
Modyo Platform
Modyo Platform

The Frontend for your Digital Customer Ecosystem.

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Modyo Connect
Modyo Connect

Start Immediately with Integration & Managed DevOps in the Cloud.

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Dynamic Framework
Dynamic Framework

The Fast Track to Building Web and Mobile for Financial Services.

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Digital Factories with Modyo

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Getting Better Outcomes and Faster Output

Our approach is to create the best platform for multiple teams to work side by side, and focus on digital outcomes that impact the business.

A Modern Architecture for Digital Products

By separating frontend experience development into its own architecture and integrations, organizations are enriching their digital ecosystems.

Creating Libraries of Experiences

Accelerating how digital products get built means we’ve made decisions based on best practices and years of industry knowledge to create sets of experiences you can start with immediately.

Balancing Speed and Cost

Having a frontend reference architecture for integrations that underlines efficiency, performance, and speed saves resources and improves your bottom line.

Centralizing Auditability & Security

Every key aspect of the platform is auditable, with code and content reviews, granular and macro version control, site staging, and team governance across your digital channels.

Making Integration Faster & Easier

As each organization has different realities and digital products have dependencies in order to launch, we decided to provide a managed service called Modyo Connect to accelerate integrations to third party systems.

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“We chose Modyo as a strategic technology partner for our digital channels to accelerate the delivery of value to our different business units.”

Sandro Araya

Head of Digital Transformation, Consorcio

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Digital Factories build Micro Frontends using the CLI

Large teams build digital products with Modyo as the Frontend.

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