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Modyo Roadmap


Business Events

Allows any event that is relevant to a business to be added to Modyo using AWS Kinesis Firehose. It replaces the current Ruby-based collector. It then offers the ability to segment customers based on business relevant events.

Core Platform

Multi steps forms

Multi-step forms will provide data warehousing APIs for more complex projects such as digital OnBoarding projects where currently parallel data models must be created in Modyo Connect.

Modyo Customers

Pre populate new accounts with sample data

This allows to dynamically load sample content and help so that users can test the Trial platform without having to do everything from scratch.

Core Platform

Multi-language channels

Today with Modyo it is possible to create several channels in different languages. We are working on a solution that allows, by connecting to our headless, to make a single site that can respond to several languages at once. The idea is to be able to make changes in one place making the maintenance of multi-language sites easier.

Modyo Channels

Add tags when creating assets

This allows adding tags when uploading new assets to the assets manager. Facilitating categorization when working with large volumes of digital assets.

Modyo Content Modyo 10.0.0

CDN cache invalidation

A dynamic invalidation trigger is added for content stored in the AWS CDN allowing to maintain urls for files that are being replaced.

Modyo Content Modyo 10.0.0

Soft Login

The soft login allows users to log in without a password, using only a token sent by email for faster and easier authentication.

Modyo Customers Modyo 10.0.1

Global snippets

Global snippets allow their use between several sites of the same account.

Modyo Channels Modyo 10.0.0

Local widget preview

We understand that it is important to be able to preview a CLI widget to see how it looks in its final web app.

That's why we implemented the widget preview in local mode which allows you to preview the widget on a particular site from the developer's local machine.

Modyo Channels Modyo 10.0.0

New realm look and feel

The user's experience with the realm is one of their first interactions with a private site.

That's why it's important to take care of it. We have given a new look and feel to these experiences based on the dynamic framework created by Modyo.

Modyo Customers Modyo 10.0.0

Code splitting for CLI widgets

The code splitting functionality allows uploading large widgets through the CLI without harming the final user experience.

By splitting the code into different chunks that load dynamically it improves the experience for such widgets.

Modyo Channels Modyo 10.0.0

Improved segment processing

Segment processing is done with ElasticSearch optimized queries, in multiple phases. This avoids problems of excessive memory usage for large segments.

Modyo Customers Modyo 10.0.0

Group type repeatable field

In a content type, groups are definitions that the user can repeat as many times as wanted, they will be used in situations where the content must have a repeatable structure in which the number of values is not known a priori.

Modyo Content Modyo 10.0.0

Advanced SalesForce integration

This is an advanced and bidirectional integration for user data with Salesforce. This way the customer information is synchronized and allows the creation of better segments within the platform.

Modyo Customers Modyo 10.0.0

Dynamic content filters with Liquid

This new functionality will allow to take values from the user input without having to use the javascript SDK or the JSON API as it offers the option to apply the parameters passed as query string in the URL to filter the inputs.

Core Platform Modyo 9.2.22

SVGs sanitizing

Core Platform Modyo

User event page

A page is added to view and filter the logs of the users in a realm. 

Modyo Customers Modyo 9.2.26

Overview page in spaces

An overview page is added to the spaces in Modyo Content.

Modyo Content Modyo 9.2.27

Improved site search engine

The new search engine runs both on the widgets used on the sites but also on the content pages connected to the Modyo Content spaces.

It takes into account the importance of words in the text, for example if they are in the title, as well as their occurrences.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.2.49

Overview page in Customer Realms

An overview page is added to the realms in Customers and the user dashboard returns to the Insights section.

Modyo Customers Modyo 9.2.18

Dual page display

It allows you to choose between table view and tree view to display the pages of a site.

Both views help different roles to see the hierarchies between pages in the most convenient way.

The table view offers more advanced filters and browsing.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.2.18

Payments at realm level

The functionality of payments is moved to realms. This allows having different payment methods configurations in each realm.

Modyo Customers Modyo 9.2.23

Automatic disabling of administrator accounts that do not log in to the platform

For security measures, if no login has been made to a platform administration account for a certain period of time, the account will be automatically disabled. It can be re-enabled via email.

Core Platform Modyo 9.2.23

Modyo Realms as Identity Providers (OAuth)

The new administrative area of the realms allows to use them as OAuth identity providers.

Facilitating its use for our customers without requiring an external tool.

Modyo Customers Modyo 9.2

SCIM API for user and group provisioning

For administrator users, the SCIM option has been added to allow you to manage these users and their permissions in a coordinated manner.

Core Platform Modyo 9.2.5

Show category in content URL

In our content pages there is now the option to build the URL using the content category or not.

Modyo Content Modyo 9.2.13

Improved PWA user experience

Improves the overall experience of using PWA. With for example a new editor for the Service Workers and automations for manifests.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.2.12

Notification API

The option to get notifications and mark them as read has been added to the administrative API.

Modyo Customers Modyo 9.2.16

Froala editor

New WYSIWYG editor for better content editing.

Core Platform Modyo 9.2.0

Content pages

The content pages will allow you to create in a very simple way the list view and the headless content view itself.
In a few clicks and configurations, the connection between the channels and the contents will be established.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.2.5

Security Header Management

Different security headers have to be changed on a recurring basis for different sites, although until today Modyo has been in charge of making these changes, with this new feature we give the hand to our customers so that they can configure them by themselves from the site administration. No more headache when you want to change the CSP.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.2.0

“Get started” landing page

A new welcome and help page for newly created accounts or for old accounts that wish to activate it. It contains explanatory videos for the first steps and additional content such as tutorials, related videos and links to our documentation.

Core Platform Modyo 9.2.0

Site stages

By enabling the site stages, it is possible to work in a safe, pre-production site environment, without compromising the integrity of what's already published. When ready, the site can be published from staging to production in a single step.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.2.0

User realms

Different user realms can be configured to access different sites or even different stages of the same site, to allow for example, a test user realm for site staging and a user realm for a site in live production.

Modyo Customers Modyo 9.2.0

Team members Groups

With the team members groups you can create as many user groups as you need and add team members to them. Then, add these groups to sites and spaces and assign all members of that group with a specific role.

Core Platform Modyo 9.2.0

Multiple full admins

You'll be able to have many full admins that allow you to access and manage all the existing sites and spaces in an account.

Core Platform Modyo 9.2.0

New minimal theme

A new, simpler minimal theme that allows you to start creating Modyo sites quickly and easily.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.2.0

Navigation builder

Create multiple hierarchical trees and use them where you want inside your site using Liquid.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.2.0

Salesforce CRM integration

Integration to the Salesforce CRM through Salesforce External Services. This solution allows any Salesforce Admin to use the provided methods in the Modyo API in tools like the Process Builder or Flow Builder to create/update/delete information in the Salesforce CRM or Modyo Customers.

Modyo Customers Modyo

JS route support

JavaScript's route support offers the possibility to configure a JS path to be included in a page if the base path is defined.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.1.4

New target creation interface

New and improved interface for target creation, with new filters and new possibilities of combination between filters (We added the possibility of using AND and OR type queries).

Modyo Customers Modyo 9.1.5

Release Manager

With the Release Manager tool you can group and accumulate both Channels and Content publications, preview and schedule the joint publication of all elements in a single action.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.1.4

Custom layouts

By creating new custom layouts you can decide the basic structure for each of your site's pages.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.1.6

Site SEO improvements

Customize meta-tags for your pages from an easy to use interface

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.1.0

Modyo Lite

Modyo Lite is a version of Modyo that includes the Core, Content and Channels applications. By leaving out the Customers application, it allows us to provide our customers with a more economical version specially designed for public sites.

Core Platform Modyo 9.1.0


With the new publication scheduling tool you can schedule a change in the future without the need to unpublish what is already published.

Core Platform Modyo 9.1.0

Global variables

The use of snippets becomes extremely powerful when not limited to the context of a single channel. Build truly omnichannel digital components that use global variables that dynamically pull consistent, uniform content across all of your channels.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.1.0

New preview mode

A new and improved preview mode that allows you to centralize and view both Channels changes (pages, navigation, widgets and templates) and Content changes.

Core Platform Modyo 9.1.0

Native support for PWA

Native support is added through Liquid so that a site's serviceworker can be enabled natively.

Core Platform Modyo 9.0.6

Azure deployment

Although Modyo is born from and grows in AWS, the platform had already expanded its comfort zone to the Google Cloud and now allows for deployment in the Azure Cloud for Enterprise customers who require it.

Core Platform Modyo 9.0.6

Two-factor authentication for administrators

Allows for configuration of a two-factor authentication through the Google Authenticator application for administrators.

Core Platform Modyo 9.0.6

Admin password policies

The platform now allows password generation security restrictions for administrators, such as minimum length, the use of special characters, and more.

Core Platform Modyo 9.0.6

File management optimization

From now on, Modyo enables centralized file management at the account level, allowing all documents to be accessed from a single location, avoiding duplicates.

Modyo Content Modyo 9.0.0

Team work roles optimization

To better differentiate roles within teams, Modyo allows for the assignment of custom roles to each user to focus and restrict their tasks and permissions within the platform.

Core Platform Modyo 9.0.0

Content work improvement

The new way to use content in Modyo is through a decoupled Headless CMS—Content Management System—where content can be published in a centralized location and then using Liquid or the public API that content can be accessed on Modyo sites, mobile applications, or any internet-connected device.

Modyo Content Modyo 9.0.0

Improvements to the Liquid SDK

A new Modyo version that takes better advantage of Liquid's features, standardizing its use.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.0.2

Working hand in hand with the team

Modyo 9.0 continues to optimize teamwork, helping to make it safe, auditable and agile. To this end, it brings the Team Review feature, which allows you to assign permissions to each user and assign them roles in creating, reviewing, and managing the platform's content.

Core Platform Modyo 9.0.0

Content search in sites

Along with improving and streamlining the use of the Content application, we have improved the way in which site searches find results among the content associated with a site.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.0.5

Data Studio Insights

We know that data is everything when it comes to making decisions, and that's why the platform now has three Google Data Studio templates available so that you can have a better general overview of your business.

Modyo Customers Modyo 9.0.6

Payment gateway

Modyo offers integration with different payment methods throughout Latin America to facilitate the implementation of your own e-commerce.

Modyo Commerce Modyo 9.1.0

Entries search by field values

Many times when searching for a particular content, but mostly when searching for groups of contents, you want to search on a particular field. For this reason, this functionality of searching by value of a specific field of a type is added.

This goes hand in hand with the content bulk edit functionality, allowing its faster use.

Modyo Content Modyo 9.1.13

Templates search in Template builder

You can now search through templates in the Template builder, and easily browse through all the views and snippets you need in a simpler way.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.0.4

Context variables in widgets

Add or overwrite variables to widgets to parameterize their functionality and bring more dynamic functionality to your sites.

Modyo Channels Modyo 9.1.6

Widget Catalog

The first version of the Modyo widget catalog is launched with 10 retail banking widgets and 9 wealth management widgets that can be downloaded, customized and deployed quickly and easily.

Add ons Modyo

Modyo-CLI v3

The most important change in this new version is that it removes dependencies on Vue.js, making it agnostic.

Add ons Modyo

Insurance Widgets

Insurance widgets for B2C sales, private site widgets and insurance agent experience widgets are now part of the widget catalog.

Add ons Modyo