Modyo Leads Power Panel @ Fintech Americas 2024 on Neobanks vs. Traditional Banks

MIAMI, FL – May 22, 2024 – Modyo, a leading composable frontend platform technology company, sponsored Fintech Americas 2024, a premier financial technology conference held at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami from May 7-9. As part of the sponsorship, Mark Bonnell, Executive Vice President of Modyo, moderated a power panel discussion titled "Neobanks vs Legacy Banks: Drawing the Battle Lines in 2024."

The panel brought together influential leaders in the Latin American financial sector, including:

The discussion navigated the evolving landscape of financial services, exploring the dynamic relationship between neobanks and traditional banks. Key topics included the challenges faced by both types of institutions, strategies for digital transformation, and the impact of technology on financial inclusion.

“With the chance to moderate, I’m simply helping guide the conversation,” says Mark Bonnell, EVP of Modyo. “The real value of discussions like this one at Fintech Americas comes from the diverse perspectives of the panelists. At Modyo, we’re humbled to continue playing a part in the ongoing larger conversation and solutions surrounding financial technology in Latin America, and I'm confident that the panelists and their insights are inspiring positive change across the industry.”

The panel generated a lively conversation around digital adaptation, the keys to success and opinions on who’s winning in the region today. The audience, composed of financial leaders from across Latin America, sat down for the panel during the first afternoon of the event, amidst other activities prior to the awards ceremony to close out the main showroom activity on May 7th.

The Fintech Americas conference provides a valuable platform for industry leaders to connect, share knowledge, and explore the latest trends in financial technology. Modyo's participation as a sponsor and thought leader underscores their commitment to driving innovation and empowering financial institutions to deliver exceptional customer experiences.

About Modyo: Modyo is a leading composable frontend platform technology company that enables organizations to create exceptional customer experiences through its innovative solutions. By offering a composable architecture, Modyo empowers businesses to leverage the full potential of their digital channels and deliver seamless, personalized experiences to their customers. 

About Fintech Americas: Fintech Americas is a prominent organization that brings together industry leaders, innovators, and disruptors in the financial technology sector. The annual conference provides a platform for knowledge sharing, networking, and collaboration, where attendees can explore the latest trends, strategies, and technologies shaping the future of finance.

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