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Copec and Modyo Partner to Launch Full Copec

Santiago (Chile), May 26, 2021 - Copec, an energy and forestry company with one of its business units operating the largest chain of gas stations in Chile, has expanded their customer offerings with a new benefits program, Full Copec.

By choosing Modyo as their platform of choice for delivering both the public and transactional site for their Full Copec benefits program , Copec was able to complete the development and launching of these channels in under three months.

Full Copec is a new benefits program for Copec customers, which allows them to accumulate Full Copec points in all their fuel purchases or in Pronto and Punto convenience stores, and exchange them for different benefits and prizes. In addition, Copec rewards customers for their visits when they complete missions made available through the Full Copec benefits program.

The API-driven initiative simplifies how Full Copec integrates numerous microservices and allows Copec’s commercial teams to have complete autonomy in the delivery of rewards and promotions within these channels. From checking points to completing missions, customer experiences like these are how Copec and Modyo teams continue to drive success in digital transformation initiatives across numerous channels now and into the future. [Read the full case study here]

“We look to Modyo for flexible digital products that allow us to engage and strengthen our relationship with millions of our customers." - Javier Donoso, Marketing Leader at Copec

"Our relationship with Copec continues to be one marked by success as we move forward and pursue initiatives together that allow Copec to take full advantage of what our next-gen DXP has to offer." - Mark Bonnell, CEO of Modyo

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