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Full Copec

Full Copec is a new benefits program for Copec customers, which allows them to accumulate Full Copec points in all their fuel purchases or in Pronto and Punto convenience stores, and exchange them for different benefits and prizes.

Full Copec

Solution Outcomes

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Copec, an energy and forestry company with one of its business units operating the largest chain of gas stations in Chile, has expanded their customer offerings with a new benefits program, Full Copec.

Founded over 80 years ago, Copec is a leader in its market, servicing millions of Chilean customers across both the consumer as well as business segments.

By choosing Modyo as their platform of choice for delivering both the public and transactional site for their Full Copec benefits program, Copec was able to complete the development and launching of these channels in under three months.


Give autonomy within these digital channels to commercial teams actively involved in the promotion and creation of the Full Copec benefits program.

Create a reference architecture upon which Full Copec can develop and deliver better experiences within the benefits program.

Deliver a complete public and transactional site solution that consumes multiple microservices within a short time frame.


Create a fully functional public site and transactional customer portal in 90 days using the Modyo platform.

Deliver a design system for digital channels that grants total control and agility over the Full Copec unique branding initiative.

Use a micro frontend reference architecture with API’s to directly consume content and microservices.

Create digital channels so that commercial teams have full control over their content and promotions, without the need to touch code.


As of May 2021, nearly 800,000 customers have joined the Full Copec benefits program.

1 million customers are expected to join by the end of June 2021.

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