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Optimize the Customer Journey
with ModyoDX™

The Modyo Digital Experience Platform, ModyoDX™, converts interactions into intelligent customer relationships across both web and mobile.

Be Relevant
with Targets

Targets are one of ModyoDX™'s most powerful customer engagement tools. Investment in your Targets means greater relevance and more personalized interactions with your users.

Capture Data
Any Site, Any Device

In customer engagement, data is fundamental. ModyoDX™ prioritizes data capture in the platform through Forms. When coupled with Targets, your data collection becomes fun, smart, and specific.

Streamline Your Workflow & Version Control

Improve efficiency and security while protecting the quality of your digital content output. Simple task delegation and easy-to-understand version control systems hand you next-level oversight.

ModyoDX™ Powers the
Digital Experience.

Understand how ModyoDX™ improves the customer experience with 6 key features.

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