Bci Miami

Bci Miami is the US branch of Banco de Credito e Inversiones, a Chilean bank that has been in the market for more than 75 years. The Bci Miami branch was founded in 1999 and was Bci’s first strategic step towards internationalization.

Their mission is to accompany their Chilean and Latin American customers in their international businesses, as well as their globalization process, especially in the US.

Through their customer-centric service and a highly experienced team, they serve and advise personal and corporate clients, mainly from Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and the United States.
Bci Miami

Solution Outcomes

Modyo Platform Micro Frontends Single Sign-on


Provide a 100% digital onboarding solution for their customers opening personal and corporate bank accounts Consolidate customer data into one uniform place.

Store information using AWS.

Allow users to create an account faster.

Build speed and flexibility into opening an account by allowing users to save, exit, and return to any step of the process, from any device.

Allow Relationship Managers to provide “concierge” service, helping their clients complete the onboarding.


Create a scalable and reusable architecture of reference.

Use Modyo Connect to integrate with Keycloak and Docusign to provide a seamless onboarding process.

Integrate to Salesforce to store application information, allowing Relationship Managers to better align with the customer journey.


Digital adoption rate of 94% in personal accounts and 88% in corporate.

Clients can complete their account applications in less than an hour.

Account opening is now accessible to a wider international market.

Delivery of a personal account opening onboarding solution in 6 months.

Delivery of a corporate account opening onboarding solution in 4 months.

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