Banco BICE

Banco BICE was founded in 1979 by an important group of Chilean investors linked to one of the main exporting companies in the country. Since its beginnings, the bank's permanent objective has been to offer excellent banking services, oriented toward companies and personal banking. Banco BICE has initiated several important transformation initiatives to the benefit of clients, and Modyo is pleased to support the bank's ongoing innovation.

Banco BICE

Solution Outcomes

Modyo Platform Architecture of reference Digital experience Micro Frontends Customer journey integration Headless Content Manager AWS


Modernize Banco BICE’s public web sites to provide an easier and more complete user experience.

Migrate public web sites to the cloud using AWS.

Establish governance across digital channels between digital agencies and Banco BICE digital teams.

Improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on websites.

Provide customers with educational resources that guide them on their financial journey.

Improve searchability of desired products and services for customers.


A new UX-UI experience for customers, created with the Modyo platform.

Establish an architecture of reference for web-based digital channels.

Provide a multi-site solution that manages different domains from one integrated platform.

Create pages with SEO indexability to appear in top search results.

Create an education, news and events section to add value to the user.

Improve search tools and provide users with frequently searched concepts.


Successful launch of Banco BICE’s dream simulator, offering better products and services directly from the home page.

The use of Zafiro, the Design System created by Banco BICE's UX Lab team, which allows for scalability and continuous improvement.

The team managed to quickly accelerate the development and delivery time of the new site in 5 months, ahead of the planned schedule.

Since the launch of the new benefits portal, Banco BICE has seen an average monthly increase of 18.1% in organic clicks, and 23.1% in organic impressions.

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