Build Better Digital Products with Modyo + AWS

Modyo’s cloud deployment models with AWS helps you scale your business.

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We create digital experiences with a modern AWS stack

That move us to do incredible things every day.

Lightweight, flexible, and scalable

As a cloud native next-gen frontend platform, Modyo + AWS provides you with all the tools to not only scale your products and solutions on any device, but also take advantage of key technology, support, and operational infrastructure 24x7.

Focus on your products, we’ll handle the rest

With Modyo, you can work on the activities that add real value to your customers. AWS hosted infrastructure means you have managed underlying hardware, resource procurement, capacity planning, software maintenance, patching, and more.

Innovation as an Investment

Hosting your digital channels on the AWS cloud with Modyo reduces your time to market. Not only do your solutions deploy faster, but they come with built-in security, and give your teams more time to develop and adapt to market changes.

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Scale your business with Modyo + AWS

SaaS Cloud

For small and medium businesses looking for cost-effective solutions, or for big companies searching for faster deployment.

Enterprise Cloud

For large companies with specific requirements or regulatory restrictions.

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The Modyo Enterprise Cloud

Designed for compliance and adherence to the most demanding standards, the Modyo Enterprise Cloud powered by AWS offers numerous benefits:

  • Controlled customer access to infrastructure deployed in the cloud
  • Access to audit AWS configurations
  • AWS deployment customization
  • Access to application and security logs
  • Integration with client application firewalls: Incapsula, Akamai, Cloudflare, and more
  • Customized environment metrics monitoring panel in the Modyo Support Center

Your organization is secure with Modyo + AWS

Modyo Cloud and Enterprise Cloud handle your security by using the best tools and technologies that AWS has to offer.

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