Create and manage all your content in one place for every device.

Accelerate the way you build digital experiences with content and governance for every channel.

Create one or many content spaces & types

Content spaces is where you define and keep all your content. Different teams create content spaces where non-technical people can change all aspects of the content in your digital channels.

Set up team review for digital governance

In minutes set up Team Reviews to define who needs to approve what before publishing to millions of customers in your digital channels.

Activate Modyo Channels or use the Modyo API

Modyo gives you the flexibility to simply use our API to manage content into different channels built with different frameworks, or to start immediately, activate Modyo Channels with content and custom widgets for your industry.

Manage all your digital assets

Upload, categorize and edit the digital assets you need for your channels. Select a section of a picture to use within your different web pages and apps.

Web content management with Modyo

Spaces is where you define any content for any digital purpose.

Types is where you define the content attributes in a space.

Use Modyo Content via the API with any other framework.

The Asset Manager is where you can manage images.

Team review is how you get things done with governance.

Activate Modyo Channels to build a site immediately.

Content for any device

A space is a collection of content types for non-technical people to manage content in any application or digital channel.

Define the team members that will be defining and adding content. Set up team review if different people have to approve content before publishing.

Types are any different content attributes whether text, images, docs, maps that are required for a digital channel.

Once you have content in Modyo you can either use the API or Modyo Channels to show content to different customer segments.