Create content and either publish to Modyo Channels or go API first.

Create and manage content for millions of customers in one place. Optionally add workflows and governance to your publishing.

Powerful web content management done right.

Define your web and
mobile properties.

Define one or many sites from the same account to publish and manage content across sites, devices and languages.

Create your content teams and drive your central message.

Assign roles to edit and approve content creation. Then, define a powerful workflow to create, manage, publish and unpublish content.

Define a rich set of categories and tags.

Use categories to build an organized content tree of groups and subgroups. Then use tags to identify common traits horizontally across all content.

Create your widgets and build your layouts.

Configure financial widgets, then consume or serve data through the API with back end core banking software. The best financial widgets are active, modifiable and deploy faster within production cycles.

Activate content targeting for a better customer experience.

Target content to authenticated customers to display the right content to the right segment of each customer database.

Secure development and code fidelity.

You built your widget, now send your code to reviewers for quality inspection. Test and move your widget along to an approver. Publish the widget to production and monitor happy clients.

Define Modyo Sites & Mobile Apps

Modyo enables you to create one or many sites or properties to manage content in different ways. Create public or private sites or feed mobile apps with Modyo generated content.

Define your Content Team

Modyo powers large digital and content teams with the tools to streamline web content management. Define who will do what in your digital content factory.

Easily Create Content

Give your content teams the tools to do the job faster with higher impact on the digital experience. Showcase your content using the Modyo code builder or easy to manage WYSIWYG.

Build your Layouts
with Widgets

Site Layouts are powered by widgets. Modyo powers widget creation to showcase the right content in the right place at the right time. Easily build and place content widgets. Save site and widget versions to easily manage content for millions of customers.

Web Content Management with Modyo

Build one or many content channels from one central place.

Use the Modyo widget builder to place content anywhere across any site.

Drag and drop widgets to create interactive content layouts easily.

Structure your digital factory easily, controlling who creates, approves and publishes.

Take content from Modyo through the API to feed any digital property.

Measure the productivity of your content team and track the status of all content.

Customers that Count on Modyo