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Online student enrollment solutions for universities

Drive deeper engagement and unify the entire student lifecycle with a composable frontend platform.

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Using Modyo to Transform your University

Build, and manage student experiences through websites and applications faster than ever, across any device.

Use Modyo's next-gen composable frontend platform to build and integrate your entire enrollment process, unifying student, faculty and administrative experiences with Modyo’s Frontend Architecture.

Enrich the Digital Academic Experience

Manage the content of every department from one single place.

Manage all your digital content inside or outside Modyo (via our headless CMS) so non-technical teams have the autonomy to control content, images and assets whenever they need.

Inside Modyo

Teams can easily manage content, campaigns, and targeted messages from one place across all your sites and applications.

Outside Modyo

Administrators and faculty can easily manage content and publish it to any of your websites or applications, using Modyo’s APIs.

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