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Launch digital products faster with the best omnichannel platform for websites, applications, and PWAs.

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Modyo Channels

Build unified digital experiences.

Accelerate your development building customer digital experiences faster integrated to your business systems that deliver more value to your customers through self-serve websites, portals and applications.

Modyo Content

Manage content for any device or application.

Modyo Content lets you create and manage every aspect of your digital content, complete with APIs to push, govern and audit content in any digital channel, application or endpoint.

For High Performance Digital Teams

Let your digital teams build with a cloud-based content hub, agile development tools, and auditable publishing lifecycles all within a micro frontend architecture.
Easy Integrations

Micro frontends & widgets ready to connect

Cloud Management

Your own content hub in your cloud

Content Permissions

Governance and auditability for every channel

Establish a digital factory within your organization to delight your customers

  • Modyo Content powers a headless and hybrid content system. Our headless CMS platform gives you the ability to define any content type, and publish to any device or endpoint.
  • Target the right content to the right customers with a digital experience platform that makes it easy to define, create, and control your publishing lifecycles.
  • Governance in Modyo makes it easy for large digital teams to launch sites, pages, content, and functionality through micro frontends integrated to your business systems.
  • Modyo’s version control system and auditability protects companies with millions of customers through agile governance of important digital channels.

Micro frontends: the secret sauce of agility and innovation

The micro frontend architecture built in Modyo comes with four powerful attributes.
  • You can build Micro Frontends (Widgets) directly in the platform from your browser.
  • You can build Micro Frontends in your preferred IDE and push to Modyo’s widget library through our CLI.
  • We’ve created a catalog of Micro Frontends for the financial services industry to use as a base and example.
  • You can re-use, copy & paste and share Micro Frontends between different digital channels for Omnichannel customer experiences.

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