Integrate your Microservices and Micro Frontends with Modyo Connect

Scale solutions with Modyo’s Managed DevOps in the cloud, connected with your microservices.

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Integration at Speed and Scale

Micro frontends and microservices managed in one place in the cloud, courtesy of Modyo Managed DevOps.
  • We provide you with a Single Tenant Private Cloud in AWS as a managed service for clients and partners wanting acceleration in how digital experiences get delivered.
  • Modyo Connect provides you with all the tools and processes necessary to manage the development cycle of both micro frontends (Widgets) and microservices.
  • We help you execute development initiatives where integration to core and third party systems is a must.
  • Modyo Connect helps you manage your code repository and automation pipelines required for high value initiatives so your digital teams can focus on the development of digital products that impact customers.
  • Modyo has pioneered a highly trained and specialized team of Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) operating critical infrastructure for digital channels that empower millions of customers.
  • Our SRE’s are tasked with helping you monitor, observe, and comply with SLA’s required for critical webistes and apps.
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An award-winning Advanced Technology Partner with AWS

For more than 10 years we’ve developed critical AWS capabitlities.
  • The Modyo Connect service is exclusively deployed in the Amazon AWS cloud, using mainly the Amazon Elastic Container Services (ECS) platform in conjunction with automation and configuration control tools, following our architecture of reference.

  • Not using AWS? No worries. Modyo teams are here to help you integrate Modyo into your on-premise deployment model through other clouds from Azure, Google or others.

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