Personalized Digital Experiences with Customers & Insights

Put your customers at the front and center of your digital transformation.

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Create customer segments in real-time and personalize the experience of your most important audiences.

Gather implicit data on user interactions such as session tracking, business events and payment transactions combined with CRM data integration.

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Act on decisions with insight into customer behavior, integrated with the Google Marketing Platform.

Insights helps you understand your customer segments and make changes to your digital experiences, optimizing for your goals and outcomes.

Convert Customers Forever

Help your customers do business with you, while the Modyo platform helps you segment and recommend the next best actions.
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Multiple Integrations

Integrate your CRM, Business Events and Google Marketing

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Quickly Segment

Create customer segments dynamically in real time with Modyo's targeting engine

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Targeting Content

Put targets to work with content, functionality and messaging

Build digital experiences with higher conversion rates

  • Connect your preferred CRM to Modyo customer profiles using the Modyo API and custom fields mapped to your CRM.
  • Create a single sign-on for your customers across all your digital channels and generate business events with Modyo.
  • Integrate to the Google Marketing Platform and work on your conversions across all your content and campaigns.
  • Targets let you take any data connected to Modyo combined with business events to better understand your customers.
  • Quickly segment customers and transactions across your digital channels.
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Modyo Customer Metrics

Targets help you take the next best action for your customer

Combine website and app data with your CRM and ERP data.
  • Dynamically combine data from different sources and feed them to your customer profiles.
  • Create your strategy to show specific messages or notifications to specific audiences.
  • Build digital products putting customers at the front and center of your conversion strategy.
  • Measure interactions and transactions with Modyo Insights combined with the Google Marketing Platform.

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