We help our clients and partners execute digital transformation.

With professional services designed to help you succeed, Modyo lives and breathes every aspect of digital transformation.

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Analytics Services

Modyo generates data. Lots of data. Our platform is a generator of structured data and the entire engineering team develops based on this data generation framework.

For this reason, every Modyo solution comes with a disciplined approach to KPI's. "How do we measure success?" is the common question. We work with clients to define different dashboards to measure digital transformation and the digital experience.

Content Services

Our Factory Content team works with clients, partners and agencies to design and build the content machine required for engaging existing customers, explaining ideas, and generating potential clients.

Our content services mix interactive elements from clients, partner agencies and our content experts to help package the digital experience across web and mobile devices. We take a very disciplined approach to content management mixing both content and design elements to deliver results.

Consulting Services

Our Modyo Factory consulting team helps large enterprises with the critical task of "Definition". Modyo Senior Leaders roll up their sleeves to help make sure that the right strategy with the right use of Modyo happens.

Identify the problem

Simple, elegant solutions always first start with a fundamental understanding of a problem. We question, interview, and research.

Find a

When a more complete understanding of the issue comes into focus, then we can begin constructing a solution that scales.

Implement the solution

Whether the problem is granular, systemic, or unique, we implement solutions thoroughly, addressing every detail.

Validate with the client

Core to our consultation cycle is client validation. Great solutions create great feedback on how we can improve our own processes.

Engineering Services

We are highly technical in approach. Modyo Factory engineering services builds the right solution with a clear purpose for clients and partners.

Our engineering services harnesses the talent of a close knit team of people that have spent the past decade growing and learning together. Our long term view provides clients with the base platform foundation for ongoing engineering to produce digital solutions for fundamentally better digital experiences.

Cloud Operation Services

Our Factory Cloud Infrastructure & Monitoring services operates on a 24x7 On Call basis.

Large clients contract the Modyo Private Cloud to build world class solutions that require a disciplined approach to managing solutions that can scale, are secure and are monitored in real time. Clients contract the Factory Infrastructure team to provide a disciplined approach to managing their clouds.

UX Design Services

Our Factory works closely with clients and partners to design the digital experience across web and mobile devices.

We take years of usability, digital design and front end development experience to provide our clients with the blueprint, layouts and interaction design required to produce digital experiences for great clients that love their customers.

  • Research

  • Analysis

  • Design

  • Validation

  • Development

  • Metrics

  • Satisfaction

Training Services

Building a digital ecosystem requires training and discipline. Our clients require transitional support through training and operational support of the solutions we provide.

We work with clients through our digital transformation & training services to assist employees and partners with the core digital foundation required for long term success.

  • Strategy

  • Process

  • Training

  • Experience