Easy-to-integrate Ecommerce Solutions with Payments & Commerce

Activate payments and build out your headless e-commerce solutions.

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Integrate Payments & Commerce

Provide customers with flexible payment options, integrated with your payment gateways and commerce solutions.
  • Build self-serve digital products that finish with customer payments.
  • Make it easy for your customers to get started and associate a credit card with your service.
  • Monitor payments and orders in the backend with Modyo Payments.
  • For companies building sophisticated solutions, Modyo offers an integration to headless commerce platforms such as commercetools.
  • commercetools gives large organizations the flexibility they need to build highly customized e-commerce solutions.
  • Modyo provides the next-gen composable frontend platform to build out your Micro Frontends integrated with the commercetool's API.
  • Create frictionless activation of your financial products. Set up insurance premium payments or easy funding and activation of bank or investment accounts.
  • Experience is on our side. Modyo integration to payment gateways in different countries helps you transact and scale.
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Modyo for Custom Commerce

From powering the e-commerce of the largest movie chain in Latin America to student payments and online enrollment.
  • Modyo gives you the flexibility to build highly customized solutions where a simple store front is not the right option.
  • We power a wide variety of payment solutions, from insurance to universities for non-traditional e-commerce.
  • Modyo puts the customer front-and-center in the commerce formula, integrating Modyo Payments to our clients' core business systems. For example, Modyo integrates with the most important ERP in the film industry as well as the core business systems of our insurance and university clients.

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