Create better digital products with Micro Frontends

Micro Frontends are a fundamental building block for building and improving customer experiences.

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What are Micro Frontends?

Micro Frontends are a fundamental building block mapping Frontend customer experiences packaging HTML, CSS, and Javascript within a defined scope of a frontend experience and mapping to one or more APIs. The purpose is to eliminate dependencies between teams that slows development and increases the complexity of managing digital products using a single page architecture. In other words, Micro Frontends are the extension of the microservice concept to the frontend world.

The whys and hows of micro frontends

Modyo powers Micro Frontends

Modyo allows developers to work on Micro Frontends using the platform’s concept of Widgets, which are building blocks of digital products built using the Modyo Platform. Developers can start from one of the templates in our Widget Catalog, modify the code and then push the Micro Frontend to Modyo using the Modyo Command Line Interface (CLI). For scenarios with few developers and accelerated speed, Modyo comes with a Widget Builder that allows developers to build, publish, and maintain Widgets right from the browser - Modyo web console.

Modyo also provides an API endpoint to collect and analyze business events generated from Widgets and Microservices to create and update user segments, called Targets, that allow the creation of customized digital experiences. Modyo participates in the user login process through our SSO integration so it can understand the "who did what" of business events.

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Modyo's Micro Frontend Framework

Create a Micro Frontend

Our Widget Builder enables you to quickly create Micro Frontends directly from your browser. Versions of your code are saved as you work so you can always reset or rollback to previous Micro Frontends.


CLI for Micro Frontends

Work offline and use your own development pipelines to then push Micro Frontends directly into our platform. Get the best of both worlds depending on the size of your teams and digital factory configuration.


Micro Frontend Code Review

When building Micro Frontends in the Modyo Widget Builder, every change is recorded so you can easily rollback or reset any changes as you work. See the changes made by your team when building from the browser.


Team Review

Easily configure the people required to review and publish your Micro Frontends live to your digital channels. Select the people and rules you'd like to apply to your digital teams in minutes.