Rewards and Promotions

Create Targeted Rewards and Promotions for millions of customers.

Learn how ModyoDX™ powers Rewards and Promotions for Banks.

Easily create and manage digital promotions.


Define your
promotions or partners

Use ModyoDX™ to manage your digital promotions across web and mobile devices - easily.


your promotions

Add your promotion content, images, coupons, terms and conditions. Categorize, and tag your promotions in a simple interface.


Add geolocation to
your promotions

Apply geolocation to every promotion to show the promotions closest to your customers.


Create amazing
visual promotion layouts

Create powerful imagery using html, css, javascript to showcase your promotions.


Target your
customer promotions

Target your customer promotions to specific customers based on customer profiles.


Measure your

Measure which promotions are most popular with your customers.

Create your Promotion

ModyoDX™ enables you to quickly create and manage promotions and rewards. Add promotions, categorize, tag and publish in minutes.

Localize your Promotions

ModyoDX™ powers localization of promotions around your customers. From both Mobile and Web your customers can view the promotions closest to them.

Target your Promotions

ModyoDX™ enables you to target promotions to specific customers based on your definition of targeting rules.

Measure Promotions

Measure the performance of your promotions with ModyoDX™. Keep your customers at the center of your promotion and reward strategy.

Digital Promotions & Rewards Drive Loyalty

Activate the ModyoDX™ Promotions App to offer special products and services to your customers.

Easily customize the front end Promotions App to showcase promotions for web and mobile devices.

Target Promotions to specific customers using ModyoDX™ Targets.

Leverage our ModyoDX™ API to Integrate our Promotions App with your systems for a complete customer experience.

Categorize, Tag and organize all your promotions. Apply logic for activating and deactivating promotions.

View the results of your promotions in real time.

Modyo powers promotions and rewards for leading institutions combining the right promotion content management with third-party integrations and commerce.

Experience with Promotions and Rewards