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Optimize Your Digital Experiences with the Google Marketing Platform

The Google Marketing Platform is a unified solution for cross-channel marketing. Through integration with the Modyo Platform, you can analyze, understand and act on customer behavior across your digital channels.

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Published 8 Jan, 2021 2 minutes of reading

What would you do if your company successfully created a digital product with more than a billion users? How about 8 different products with more than a billion users each

This is exactly what Google has done. What is even more astonishing is that millions of companies, large and small, get to share in its success. It’s simple–surface your products across Google's properties and reach billions of users all over the world. 

The Google Marketing Platform is a unified solution for cross-channel marketing and was created to provide marketers with a single platform where they can integrate analytics and advertising data. 

Leveraging the tools offered by the Google Marketing platform to better understand customer behavior and manage customer journeys is a no-brainer, but are these tools enough?

Users connect with companies on more channels and devices than ever before and understanding these complex customer journeys is only the first step towards successful communication with users.

The unending flow of information reaching users organically while companies fight for their attention has heightened the importance of message timing. It is no longer enough to know which customers to reach, but also in which moments. 

This means that integrating the marketing and advertising technology stack in order to help teams identify customer segments and deliver more personalized experiences is no longer enough. To increase understanding and relevance while mastering message timing, marketers need direct access to the channels where the experiences actually take place.   

Modyo’s next-gen digital experience platform allows companies to build multi-channel experiences that people love. User information and activity is stored across the different channels and integrated into a single, powerful profile offering marketers a full view of each visitor. 

Modyo also has a native integration to the Google Marketing Platform making it possible for companies to analyze, understand and act on customer behavior across their digital channels.

For example, in Modyo you can easily create highly targeted user segments based on custom properties or behavioral cues which you can then use in Google Optimize to quickly iterate through different experiments and site variations with little coding experience.

Modyo also comes with pre-built templates for summary reports in Data Studio integrating data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to evaluate the performance of your digital channels. These dashboards are fully customizable and easy to share, without having to share access to your Google Analytics account. 

To learn more about what you can do with Modyo and the Google Marketing Platform, contact us.

Photo by Eric Prouzet on Unsplash.

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