Marketing Leaders

Convert and retain customers with self-serve experiences

Transform your websites and apps into digital marketing assets to convert and retain customers.

User Experience

Add and measure the value of every customer interaction

Build digital channels with strategic marketing baked into your core platform.

Modyo Metrics about an user

Act on what you know

Manage customer profiling and targeting of content, campaigns, and messaging in your websites and apps. From one platform you can run digital marketing in your public and transactional websites and apps.

Modyo Campaign Metrics

Optimize your content

Power all your digital content across every digital channel with Modyo’s headless and hybrid content management. Non-technical users can easily optimize, create, and publish targeted messaging.

Customer profiling that actually works

Give your marketing teams the ability to create a central customer profile connected to your CRM or business systems.

Flexible triggers based on customer targets let marketers publish the right content at the right time.

Marketing Tools Integrated with Modyo
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Integrate with the Google Marketing Platform

Power your digital channels with simple integrations to the Google Marketing Platform. Harness tools to generate SEO-driving organic traffic, easily change landing pages, and develop conversion funnels that bring you new customers.

You deserve the best ecosystem to launch and iterate digital products

See how we help your organization succeed.

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