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Build, govern and scale your digital channels in our cloud or yours.

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The frontend platform that delivers business results

Create an architecture of reference that decouples and scales your digital channels

Dynamic Bank Frontend on Mobile and Desktop

Become agile with Modyo

Global websites, progressive web applications, and apps across both public and transactional channels. Build unified digital experiences for better customer journeys.

Modyo Widgets Backend

Decoupled to scale

Use micro frontends mapped to microservices orchestrated with Modyo’s platform to help you launch and sustain digital products capable of iterative development for better business outcomes.

A multi-cloud deployment platform

Use our cloud in AWS or your cloud in Azure, Google or others to manage digital channels for millions of customers and transactions.

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Diagram showing how Modyo connects to different services

Accelerate with Modyo Connect

Use Modyo Connect (Managed DevOps) to accelerate your development of digital products connected to your microservices and API’s.


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