The 2022 Modyo Midyear Review: Where We’re At and Where We’re Headed

21 July 2022, Santiago Chile – We’ve had a strong first half of 2022 building on our momentum from 2021. We wanted to share where we’re at and where we’re headed, taking stock of the hard work and progress that we’ve made with our teams, clients and partners.

To begin, Modyo’s core purpose is to power the best digital experiences for global clients as a foundational part of their ecosystem. This means providing software to help service millions of customers demanding speed and simplicity in how they transact. To this end, our focus on Modyo’s Composable Frontend Platform continues to gain momentum in the financial services industry that is now fueling a growing ecosystem of people and partners focused on accelerating digital transformation. In the first half of 2022 we’ve added great new financial services clients in countries such as Bermuda, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile. Reinforcing our international client growth is a healthy pipeline of enterprises that are universally looking to Modyo for 3 things: Acceleration, Evolution and Ecosystem.

Every one of our current and new clients is looking for an accelerated time to market. At Modyo, that acceleration has proven true with the core platform, architecture of reference, use of cloud technologies, and agile approach with clients and partners. Once digital products are born using Modyo as the composable frontend, clients are now future-proofing their products with an evolutive approach to how digital teams can easily improve on what was done. Lastly, our clients and partners want an intelligent ecosystem that powers multiple digital teams both internally and externally with partners looking to drive business value. We’ll have much more to show related to acceleration, evolution and ecosystem in the coming weeks and months of 2022.

Our deep relationships with existing clients where we humbly began years ago in the southern hemisphere has provided us today with a strong foundation to expand to new markets. The new realities of the pandemic have encouraged us to be more assertive in hiring people globally where we’re now reaping the benefits of this new talent. To this end, a large percentage of our investment has been focused on talent retention and acquisition in 2021 and now in 2022. Modyo counts on a mix of veteran experience and new ambitious ideas that today are leading strategic initiatives across our core product, in creating new solutions and in generating new markets. Throughout our growth we’ve worked hard to keep Modyo healthy, profitable and happy. Modyo’s culture is stronger than ever with people focused on building foundational business value we continue to share.

With the arrival of great new people to our team in 2022, we intend to double down on the following sets of objectives:

  • Existing client and partner success through new community, education, training and platform features in the second half of 2022.

  • New financial experiences for our banking, wealth management, and insurance clients. 

  • International growth with our people and our partners.

  • New core partner integrations and solutions.

As we enter the second half of 2022, we have high expectations for our clients to succeed with the support of great Modyo teams and deeper international partner relationships.

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