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New Generation of Micro Frontends for Financial Services

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Modyo publishes new iteration of Micro Frontends for Financial Services

We're please to share that we've published a new set of base financial Micro Frontends that will help our clients in financial services accelerate their Digital Transformation. Banking, Wealth Management and Insurance experiences are encompassed in the base Modyo Widget Catalog.

The Modyo Widget Catalog provides our clients and partners with a headstart in building financial experiences that are ready to connect to Microservices and APIs. Our vision is to help accelerate how large institutions can take great UX designs and quickly iterate to deliver financial experiences following a Micro Frontend Architecture designed to mitigate dependencies allowing customers to see the benefit of streamlined digital interactions.

What are the benefits of Micro Frontends?

Micro Frontends provide an architecture of reference whose purpose is to package digital experiences via front end development making it easier to design, build and improve over time eliminating dependencies and complexities on the front end. Separate teams can work independently breaking down complex systems into manageable blocks of front end code mapped from digital experience to Microservice. 

Microservices defined as an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of services that have the following attributes:  1. Highly maintainable and testable 2. Loosely coupled 3. Independently deployable 4. Organized around business capabilities 5. Owned by a small team provide a foundation for how Micro Frontends should be considered on the Front End.

In our case Modyo Micro Frontends help our clients and partners take our pre-built digital experiences and connect those experiences to their business systems. Our Micro Frontend Library helps our partners understand how to build Micro Frontends and create their own catalog of widgets specific to their industry. 

You can learn more about what we're doing with Micro Frontends in our blog post here.

Micro Frontends to Accelerate Digital Transformation

For the past years, working with leading companies we've put a prime focus on streamlining how digital experiences are built and integrated to business systems. Modyo's widget builder has evolved to provide greater flexibility to our clients and partners. Today using the Modyo CLI partners and clients can push Micro Frontends into our digital experience platform leveraging the best of both worlds. A platform to manage content and customers combined with the capacity to build amazing vertically focused digital experiences to accelerate your organization's digital transformation.

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