Success in 2022: New Products, Ecosystem & Growth

As the year comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of our clients, our partners, and the tremendously talented people that are part of the Modyo team and who are “Making Modyo Happen”.

This has been a record year for us, thanks to a lot of hard work by many people.

Platform Growth

2022 brought continued growth in our platform team. Very talented people joined us, allowing us to generate tremendous focus on where we think we can be the best to add value to the digital experiences of our key clients. Our themes of Acceleration, Evolution and Ecosystem have teams working on use cases and the functionality required by digital teams leveraging Modyo as their composable frontend platform to connect to core business systems. 

For digital factories with several teams we successfully launched  important platform control features, such as the joint publication of changes, virtual pre-production environments, and many other key improvements required for critical digital channels that were prioritized from the direct feedback of our clients.

To build more real-time feedback into our platform, we now have a much closer relationship to our community of users through the use of an integrated real-time communication platform for questions and information search directly from Modyo, allowing us to reduce the knowledge gap and bringing our experts closer to the day-to-day work of development teams.

2023 will be a key year in product growth so stay tuned for interesting news in Q1 and Q2 of 2023.

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Financial Experiences

2022 was also a banner year in our work in creating a next generation of financial experiences with Modyo’s core platform and ecosystem. We’ll be making several announcements in the early part of 2023. Modyo’s focus on Micro Frontends that work across web and mobile experiences has been a consistent investment that we’re convinced is important for our clients.

At present we have more people than ever building out financial experiences across banking, wealth management, insurance and digital onboarding. We’re dedicated to designing and developing the best composable financial experiences, and we’re doubling down in 2023 on this strategy. We’ve been adding experts both within and external to Modyo to contribute to our strategy in these verticals. Several clients and partners are core to this strategy and we have teams participating across different geographies. 

Modyo International Growth

Thanks to clients won in 2022 and our ecosystem of strategic partners we’ll deploy solutions in 2023 in many more countries.

Modyo’s employees and our ecosystem is every day more global. Talent is now distributed and we’re very lucky to work in the space we do. Slack, Jira, Google Meet, MS Teams as well as our own collaboration processes are fueling our growth into new markets and bringing new talent to Modyo.

In 2023, we’ll have people on the ground working in 10 countries. Our Modyo Monthly meetings are becoming every day more like Canada’s multicultural society. We’ll continue to make diversity our strength in 2023. 

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Spreading the Word through Events

We’re excited and proud to have participated in key events like Fintech Americas, America Digital, and Money 20/20, where we had the opportunity to collaborate with valuable partners such as Mambu and bring our message of how composable frontend experiences are helping drive winning solutions to large organizations. 

2022 brought us the great fortune of interacting with more people than ever. Modyo’s leaders joined several conversations, spoke at key events and we’ll continue to spread the word in 2023.

May Our Ecosystem Grow

Our technology partnerships with organizations like Mambu and AWS, and delivery partnerships with global organizations will continue to be an important part of our strategy to scale our composable solutions.

We're advancing and evolving partner enablement with a vision to bring composable solutions to life and have integrations with key partners and stakeholders that will form the basis of many of our use cases for what we help clients deliver. There are many scenarios where Modyo can demonstrate real, integrated solutions with our partners and we’re laser focused on making that a reality in 2023.

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Thank You and Happy Holidays

Once again, thank you for your support. We're looking forward to 2023. Happy holidays to all of our clients, partners, community, and everyone here at Modyo.

Best Regards,
Mark Bonnell, CEO

Other News

Modyo Leads Power Panel @ Fintech Americas 2024 on Neobanks vs. Traditional Banks

Modyo, a leading composable frontend platform technology company, sponsored Fintech Americas 2024, a premier financial technology conference held at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami from May 7-9.

Modyo's Composable Platform Fuels Growth in Mexico's Financial Services Sector

Instituciones financieras líderes en el mercado mexicano están aprovechando las bondades de la plataforma para agilizar su desarrollo, mejorar la seguridad y prepararse para la continua evolución de sus experiencias digitales.

Modyo Achieves Important Security Milestone with ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Modyo, a leader in composable frontend platforms, has announced its achievement of the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, affirming its commitment to the highest standards of information security.