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ModyoDX™ adds new Dashboard for Digital Factories

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Modyo adds new Insights to measure Digital Factory Cadence

Our product teams have continued to listen to our clients and we're happy to share a new feature called - Insights. Within Insights we help digital teams measure their production cadence over periods of time. Every day more agile teams want to measure their productivity in getting things done. To this end we've added a dashboard which helps digital factories track their output through digital channels. 

ativity by user dashboard

Large digital teams can now track key actions through their channels providing some key metrics as to what was pulled through their agile teams to put into production. This measure of flow can then be referenced to gauge between different time periods team productivity. Different team members responsible for specific actions can assess from one time period to another how they're doing with their digital channels. Leaders can better gauge the output of each digital resource pulled through the channel. 

created vs published resources graph

ModyoDX™ generates key data and logs for all key actions within the platform. During the next weeks we will continue to add more insights that help our clients generate greater business value in all aspects of their digital channels.  

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