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ModyoDX™ adds Custom Fields to Content Applications improving headless CMS capability

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We've extended custom fields to all our content applications

We're happy to share that we've added custom fields to extend our content management functionality and the use cases associated with Modyo content applications. 

Content Custom Fields for Headless CMS

Custom fields give our clients greater flexibility in the way that they want to use ModyoDX™ as a CMS taking content via JSON and using in different contexts. Within the content application itself the fields make it easy for end users to add content that may be used in different sites and channels. The "button field" above is now available in the content application shown below. The field adds a URL for a featured button in the front end.

Content Custom Fields for Headless CMS

The output is that a button url is now changed by an end user without touching Front End Code. The "Learn More" button now uses the url path in the custom field.

Custom content fields front end result

We've added custom fields to all our core content applications within ModyoDX™.

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