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Modyo powers transactional Wealth Management with new Solution to help Banks and Investment Companies Transform

Digital Experience Platform

Modyo has expanded its portfolio of Financial Solutions with a focus on wealth management. Modyo designed these solutions to fundamentally improve the way banks and investment companies work with high net worth individuals or institutions.

We decided to put a special focus on Wealth Management because we felt that it was ripe for disruption in large institutions. Fintechs are attacking this space and we wanted to give large clients a platform to keep their customers happy taking the most obvious features that Fintechs are offering to connect to APIs for institutions that want to move faster with their digital transformation.

Watch an overview of our Wealth Management Solution below:


Our wealth management solution provides easy to adapt financial widgets ready to connect to APIs. Key web and mobile widgets include, consolidated investment positions, invest and retrieve funds, account widgets with transaction history, document management & compliance, stock and mutual fund investment and withdrawal.

The Modyo Platform provides the following key benefits for Wealth Managers: 

  • Easy to build, iterate and integrate financial widgets. 
  • A headless content management solution for targeted content and marketing.
  • Email and Notifications of key transactions and advice.
  • Customer Profiling and Insights.

Digital Channel Managers and Developers can leverage a platform designed to solve the front end wealth management experience decoupling old monolithic solutions that are hard to maintain and increase business risk.

Leading companies and partners trust Modyo with their core channels responsible for millions of customers.  The first client to launch will be LarrainVial a leading Latin American Investment and Wealth Management company with 830 employees, 50,000 clients, and a presence in 4 countries. 

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