Modyo Launches the Dynamic Framework, Accelerating Financial Web & Mobile Development

Today marks another milestone at Modyo as we proudly introduce the Dynamic Framework. This web technology is designed to empower financial institutions, addressing the need for accelerated, flexible, and scalable web application development. The Dynamic Framework is another asset we’re introducing to accelerate and evolve the digital channels of our financial institution clients in their ongoing business and technology transformation.

Tailored to Financial Institutions

The Dynamic Framework isn’t just another web development framework; it's an FSI-specific solution crafted with insights gathered from our clients in the financial services sector. It stands out as a React-based micro frontend architecture purpose-built for banks and financial institutions, offering a tailored suite of tools to address the unique challenges faced by these organizations.

Production-Ready Components

At the heart of the Dynamic Framework lies a comprehensive catalog of production-ready components. These components are not only themable, responsive, and composable but also prioritize accessibility, ensuring a seamless and inclusive experience for your end-users.

Customizable Templates

An additional key feature is the fully customizable set of React-based templates, that all come ready and API-connected. This approach empowers your development teams to efficiently understand, create and modify applications directly through each template’s respective components, streamlining the entire financial web application development process.

Jordana Simon, our Head of Product, emphasizes the significance of the Dynamic Framework, stating, "This represents a significant leap forward in frontend financial application development. We’re focused on flexibility and scalability, and with the framework as a comprehensive set of production-ready components, we’re empowering financial institutions to evolve how they’re creating web applications today and meet the changing needs of their clients."

Accelerated Development Capabilities

The Dynamic Framework is not just about addressing current needs but is poised to grow alongside your institution. Its accelerated development capabilities are ready for common use cases in retail banking and business banking, but will continually evolve to embrace a broader set of financial experiences for important customer interactions and journeys.

Web and Mobile Experiences

The Dynamic Framework leverages Modyo’s years of working in financial services building web and mobile experiences with clients through our support of their digital factories to provide best practices in the design and development of financial Micro Frontends leveraging the Modyo platform.

Seamless Access through Modyo

Getting started with the framework is easy. Access to the Dynamic Framework is facilitated through your Modyo account, providing your developers with a gateway to the catalog of framework components and pre-built financial templates available at

As digital experiences play an increasingly pivotal role in customer interactions, we’re confident that the Dynamic Framework will add value to our clients and their digital ecosystems.

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