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Modyo Launches Mobile Payments with Copec for millions of Chileans

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Modyo integrates mobile payments app to ModyoDX™ for one of Chile's most prestigious and largest companies. 

Founded in 1934, Copec is Chile's Oil and Gas company providing services to millions of Chilean consumers through the largest network of service stations in the country. Together with Copec, Modyo delivered an integrated Mobile payment service for millions of customers through Copec’s mobile application - PagoClick

The purpose of PagoClick is to streamline the payment process for customers integrated with the LanPass Loyalty Program and Promotions.

PagoClick PagoClick PagoClick

Aimed at customers on-the-go, Copec’s PagoClick application allows customers to securely pay at the pump without leaving their vehicle, or swiping their credit cards through a physical device. Customer information is stored securely and connects with Chile's primary payment processing hub - Transbank. 

PagoClick works by scanning a physical QR code printed by a station attendant, instantly documenting and applying the transaction to the customer’s account. This seamless transition from physical to digital is further enhanced by Copec’s web and mobile data in one place within the ModyoDX™ platform. 

This maintains up-to-date data on each customer and their experience within the Copec brand, in both public and private sites. Not limited to just mobile, this data capture offers the potential for Copec to apply and tailor each customer experience to other digital channels, further bringing value to each interaction. 

The end result is a faster, easier transaction that saves both time and money, and even earns qualifying customers points through Copec’s partnership with LATAM Airlines. The app further enhances the level of engagement by enabling Copec to understand and interact with their customers.

Modyo is excited to continue leading the digital transformation for ambitious, global organizations such as Copec, and creating the tools and services that set them apart through building better customer journeys.

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