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Modyo Launches Monthly Digest for Friends, Clients and Partners

Monthly Insights to Help You Build Better Digital Products

We're pleased to share that this month we've inaugurated our Monthly Insights for clients and partners. We've reached the point where we have enough happening from all parts of Modyo that we wanted to consolidate in a monthly email our thoughts, news, interesting books and ideas that relate to building better digital products and experiences.

8,000 Followers in LinkedIn

We've reached 8,000 followers in LinkedIn this month and we've been adding clients and partners all over the world. So to share the love we wanted to make sure that different Modyo leaders and invited guests could nurture the curious minds of those of us working to design and build the best digital products for easier, relevant and timely customer experiences.

What to expect

During the course of each month different experts from across the company have been hard at work building next generation digital experiences. From this hard work comes the benefits of ideas, plenty of client interactions from across industries, forming opinions with partners, and obviously generating some interesting news that makes sense to package in a clean, friendly email. 

From suggested books, webinars, digital product tips and tricks, videos and blog posts we'll kindly share what we think is relevant for you to consider in your digital initiatives.

To receive the digest you can subscribe in our Blog or simply register to Talk to Us.

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