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Leading Wealth Manager in Latin America adopts Modyo for both Digital Onboarding and Transactional Customer Channels

Digital Experience Platform

In 2019, LarrainVial a leading wealth manager in Latin America leveraged the Modyo platform for both web and mobile customer experiences. This was a banner year for Modyo helping customers such as LarrainVial execute digital transformation initiatives in their customer channels spanning several high value business initiatives.

Our focus on certain key experiences generated a high degree of confidence that both Modyo and LarrainVial could positively impact customers across both web and mobile channels. Together we wrote about our experience in a case study. (See below.)

Modyo helped LarrainVial launch a new private transactional customer channel while streamlining digital customer onboarding. We were able to create an architecture of reference with LarrainVial to facilitate ongoing innovation for customers leveraging Modyo in the cloud while protecting sensitive customer information. 

Our use of Amazon Web Services - AWS as a technology partner helped us accelerate several initiatives that led to a faster time to market to launch key customer experiences. 

Together with LarrainVial we were able to create a shared understanding of the digital experiences that we can continue to iterate on in 2020 using the Modyo Digital Experience Platform and our professional services team.

Read our LarrainVial case study to learn more about the impact we’re having on companies like LarrainVial. 

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