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Modyo Grows Partner Ecosystem

Digital Experience Platform

With presence in the US, Canada, and Latin America, our partner ecosystem continues to grow and help clients with their digital transformation initiatives. Partners are looking to Modyo to accelerate time to value in critical digital channels.

Two of Spain’s leading professional services companies VASS and Babel, as well as Toronto-based software studio MyPlanet, have signed partner agreements with Modyo. These companies work with leading financial institutions in  Europe, Canada, and America. Together we will improve the way that large institutions design and build their web and mobile channels. 

Our focus for the past year has been to help large financial institutions have different services options when deploying the Modyo platform. Most banks and insurance companies have a complex digital ecosystem that requires several partners to deliver customer solutions. Our focus on streamlining part of this ecosystem is now paying off with leading partners making an important investment in Modyo technology.

Modyo’s focus on fanatical delivery has set us apart when working with partners. We are committed to our partner-client success with our platform and as a result have built strong training and support processes that both clients and partners can leverage to launch amazing digital experiences across web and mobile channels. Our certification program is designed to help developers, content managers and digital marketers quickly build digital channels that integrate with core systems.

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