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Modyo finishes strong 2017 with steady growth

Digital Experience Platform

2017 has been a good year at Modyo with steady growth, the expansion of current client relationships, a focus on talent acquisition, and continued investment in our core product ModyoDX™ with a focus on financial institutions.

Our continued expansion of features for financial institutions paid off in 2017 with greater adoption by our current financial institutions as well as new clients that are looking at ModyoDX™ as their single solution for both public and private customer channels. In particular our unique architecture supporting micro service backends and APIs with a micro front end approach through intelligent widgets is proving to be the right bet for institutions demanding maximum speed and flexibility in the way they manage the design, construction and deployment of front end customer channels.

Large enterprises such as banks continue to invest in their micro service and API capabilities so as to compete more effectively with Fintech’s producing highly intelligent digital experiences. Our bet has been to provide the platform and tools that sit on top of APIs and micro services, adding functionality and value in the way that the customer channel is both built and managed long term. This management requires the right balance of focus, speed, flexibility and security to comply with institutions that cannot put their reputation at risk.

In 2017 we added functionality to ModyoDX™ through hundreds of hours listening to our clients, working with their digital factories, and understanding ways that we can improve complex digital ecosystems. Banks with thousands employees and millions of customers tend to have similar challenges globally as we attended conferences and interacted with both banking architects and digital banking channel managers.

To this end our most recent version of ModyoDX™ launched in our cloud and in use by clients is generating momentum. Every month we have more pre-built widgets to improve the digital experience on top of a solid core platform whose purpose is to balance the way public and private channels work together for customers. Some institutions that started with their public channels are now discovering through different proof of concepts that ModyoDX™ will make life better for their customers in their private channels by simply handing over the micro front end layer to ModyoDX™.

Our relationship and continued investment in our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) has also added to the core value we provide to clients. 9 years ago we shut off our own data centers and invested in the know how to work with AWS. We intend to continue adding more AWS services and balancing cloud and on premise solutions with ModyoDX™. Most of our clients today are opting for AWS cloud solutions when exploring the different architectures possible combined with their related short term and long term costs.

Modyo’s core team, many of whom have spent several years together continues to attract talent from around the world to build world class software that today fundamentally improves the digital experience (DX) for millions of customers across web and mobile. We look forward to a great 2018 with our current and future customers seeking maximum value and intelligence in their digital channels.

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