Modyo finishes 2018 with solid growth & new clients

Modyo heads into 2019 stronger than ever with new clients, partners and exciting roadmap.

We're happy to share our round up of 2018. This year marked the 10 year anniversary of the initial founding of Modyo. We have grown every year achieving profitability for the past 5 years. We have continued to reinvest in talent and growth to the benefit of our clients, employees and investors.

As we head into 2019, our focus on digital transformation in critical web and mobile channels where large clients transact and engage with their customers has simply gotten stronger as we continue to launch new versions of Modyo, smart features, leverage the cloud and apply our experience to helping clients and partners structure and execute business transformation. As customer expectations change because of new digital services across mobile and web channels, the bar gets higher for what customers expect from financial institutions, and large organizations with millions of customer interactions. Whether in banking or insurance a deep focus on simplifying, streamlining and adding the right value in digital channels is becoming the norm. 

In 2019, we added more financial services clients with a strong vision to change and re-engineer business value and digital products using Modyo as a core platform for accelerating time to market while strengthening the capacity to innovate. To achieve this objective, we've worked hard on all aspects of our platform, features, our talent pool, and partner - client ecosystem. Through the addition of talent we've accelerated our capacity to deliver, train partners and meet customer expectations. 

In 2018 we laid the foundation for international growth signing partners and our first clients throughout Latin America. We will continue to expand our presence in Latin America and North America in 2019 providing the same great delivery of digital transformation initiatives using Modyo as we have done consistently throughout our history. To this end we will be launching different programs for clients and partners as well as hybrid teams that work together on all aspects of digital transformation for critical web and mobile channels. 

Our commitment to our client success by entering into the necessary detail remains at the forefront of our culture. The entire Modyo team remains focused on growth and fundamentally improving the digital experience for the millions of customers that leverage Modyo technology and services today. We thank the clients and partners that have become Modyo believers and look forward to our 2019 together.

Other News

Modyo Leads Power Panel @ Fintech Americas 2024 on Neobanks vs. Traditional Banks

Modyo, a leading composable frontend platform technology company, sponsored Fintech Americas 2024, a premier financial technology conference held at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami from May 7-9.

Modyo's Composable Platform Fuels Growth in Mexico's Financial Services Sector

Instituciones financieras líderes en el mercado mexicano están aprovechando las bondades de la plataforma para agilizar su desarrollo, mejorar la seguridad y prepararse para la continua evolución de sus experiencias digitales.

Modyo Achieves Important Security Milestone with ISO/IEC 27001 Certification

Modyo, a leader in composable frontend platforms, has announced its achievement of the ISO/IEC 27001 certification, affirming its commitment to the highest standards of information security.