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Modyo expands presence in 4 markets across Mexico, Spain, Canada & United States

Santiago, March 9, 2022 – With the latest development of the 9.2 version of the Modyo platform earlier this quarter, combined with our growing partner ecosystem we’re continuing to double down on key markets. With our success in Chile and Colombia, we’re now focused on establishing stronger footholds in Mexico, Spain, Canada and the United States.  

Having recently won more key clients in Mexico and Spain, Modyo continues to hire great, talented people that will accelerate our expansion in declared strategic regions where we’re establishing a growing base of clients and partners that share our vision of building the best digital experiences for customers and partners.

Modyo’s composable frontend platform focuses on the presentation and experience layer of strategic enterprise digital channels (public websites, private portals, and applications) that drive customer transactions, interaction and engagement.

This focus on the frontend experience also means that in order to bring more value to these channels, the platform has been designed from the ground up to integrate with core and third-party business systems. As an example our partnerships with Mambu and AWS are accelerating our ability to add value to modern, cloud-based technology stacks that are fundamental to digital transformation initiatives.  

Modyo’s role as a “backbone” in orchestrating digital experiences is what powers digital factories to create a healthy ecosystem that drives the development of innovative products out the door faster to customers. This acceleration is becoming a key competitive advantage for our partners and clients across the regions where we’re quickly garnering both interest and adoption. For example, our focus on composability coupled with security and governance in how frontend digital channels are built and managed is a driver for adoption by many Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance clients (BFSIs) and partners. 

The next 2 quarters are sure to bring some exciting announcements and we can’t wait to share more news with our community. We’ve made some important investments and we believe the best is yet to come in 2022 and 2023. 

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