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Modyo Expands Global Footprint with New & Existing Clients Across 6 Regions

We’re pleased to share that we’re on track with our international expansion adding key clients and partners globally. From Bogotá to Mexico City to Nashville to Barcelona to Miami to Kerala, we continue to make forward progress at Modyo and we couldn’t be happier with our clients, our partners and our team. To our new clients and partners we thank you and look forward to great things ahead.  

The pandemic has accelerated every aspect of our ability to virtually cross borders and develop digital products and ecosystems. At Modyo, this has brought us closer to our clients and partners, interacting more frequently and enabling us to be more efficient together, deploying digital experiences for millions of customers all over the world.

Regarding our clients, we’re pleased to share that Banca Mifel in Mexico, SBS Seguros in Colombia, MAPCO in Tennessee, Bci in Miami, and AIS Channel in Barcelona have launched and are launching solutions built on top of Modyo’s next-generation digital experience platform. We look forward to sharing some amazing case studies in the coming weeks. 

Our focus on key industries with important digital channels servicing millions of clients from financial services to higher education and healthcare is paying off as we’ve been able to add value to large institutions looking to change the software architecture that power their channels and put customers front and center of the digital experience. Our key partnership with AWS combined with Modyo’s Micro Frontend product architecture is helping our clients build more flexible, easy to iterate digital products.

As we continue to expand internationally we’ve been adding both partners and key team members with great know-how from different countries and cultures. Our capacity to collaborate with our growing ecosystem is helping us get faster results with shorter feedback cycles in launching new digital products.  

Lastly we believe it’s important to actually meet face to face and to this end Modyo has contracted offices in WeWork so that we can continue to enjoy the infrastructure and physical spaces that act as a counterbalance to being fully remote. Modyo team members, clients and partners can leverage WeWork’s global network.

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