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Modyo Cloud Featured as Digital Experience Platform at AWS Partner Summit in Latin America

Digital Experience Platform

Modyo and AWS continue to strengthen relationships with financial institutions and large organizations.

We're pleased to share that Modyo continues to generate momentum with financial institutions and large companies managing mission critical digital channels. At the recent AWS Partner Event in Santiago, Chile we were featured for our capacity to help large companies transform through the Modyo Cloud and Modyo Private Cloud in AWS. 

The Modyo Private Cloud provides companies with their own single tenant solution in their own AWS account or a special Modyo-AWS account. Financial Institutions looking to accelerate their digital transformation with a Digital Experience Platform to connect to their APIs can run Modyo in the cloud starting immediately to lower their time to market of better customer experiences with mobile sites, web sites and mobile applications.

Modyo - AWS Cloud solutions help organizations govern, scale and transform digital channels in record time. The Modyo platform allows you to launch critical web sites, transactional web and mobile applications providing an acceleration framework for building digital experiences through widgets and Micro Frontends combined with customer data to target the right functionality and content to the right customers at scale.

In addition, large organizations can create hybrid clouds using Modyo and AWS combined with On Premise critical customer data in the event of either compliance or legacy technology issues. This approach can help large organizations start their migration to the cloud.

Below Rubén Mugártegui the head of AWS Partner Organization for MCO - Latin America features Modyo. 

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